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America's Food Consumption Trends Essay

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This paper will discuss America's Food Trends, an article written for WebMD about the home and the changing tastes of America. The tastes and food trends in America have changed over the years from fast foods to more healthy meals. The change in where America eats will be discussed along with what they eat.In an article titled "America's Food Trends" written for WebMD by Jeanie Davis in 2003 it was shown that American's are eating out less and eating at home more. "For the first time in a long time, Americans were spending more at the grocery store rather than in restaurants," writes Elizabeth Sloan (Davis). Food is still quick, but eight out of ten meals are now being prepared at home.There are ten food trends that are consumed in the home though they may not be traditionally "homemade" meals. The first is no-prep convenience foods such as ready- to-eat frozen dinners and snack foods. Second, are more meat and potatoes? America has always been a meat and potato country but we are now eating more meats in different varieties such as fish, lamb, and hamburger is coming back as a favorite. Third are dairy products, with the easy of dairy consumption with the personal size bottles and yogurt to go, people are consuming more dairy products than before including cheese. Fourth are ethnic foods, people are looking at eating different cuisines. Fifth are one-dish meals such as over-stuffed sandwiches, cups that fit into drink holders in your car, and meals on the go. If time is an issue slow cookers are the answer, just prepare in the morning and the one-dish meal is done that evening.The next five food trends range from healthy foods to what we put on them. Sixth are foods that are prepared and eaten at home by a parent such as spaghetti or soup. Seventh is bottled water, water has become popular and is taken everywhere to drink, even at home. Eighth are snacks, Americans are snack food crazy including the snacks we eat for breakfast such as granola bars and instant breakfast drinks. Ninth are fruits and vegetables including fruit in the ready to eat cereals and salads in a bag. Tenth is cooking oils and condiments. We may be trying to eat healthier but we still consume large amounts of condiments and oils that are...

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