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America’s History Founded On The Bible: Investigating America’s Relationship With The Bible Throughout Time

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Introduction: Brief History of the Bible
The first piece that contributes to the bible can said to be the Ten Commandments which were made around 1400 BC. New and Old Testaments start arising in the late BC and beginning of AD. Around 1455 AD is when the first bible is massed produced and it is written in Latin. The first fully produced bible in English is in 1535 AD. These bible were not Authorized for public use until 1539 when “The Great Bible” is produced.
The translations of the bible have been derived from actual manuscripts. Different translations depend on how the scholar takes in a sentence of word. Translations come from original languages of the bible such as Hebrew, Aramaic, or ...view middle of the document...

In his words not only is God mention but a whole section of the bible.
Organizations and Movements Provoked by the Bible
There have been organizations such as American Bible Society and movements such as the first and second Great Awakenings.
The first Great Awakening started in America around the 1730s and came to an end in 1770s. It was a change in religious views due to The Age of Enlightenment. Being religious during this time meant trusting of your heart rather than the mind. Feeling was cherished more than thinking with logic or reasoning. Life was completed by relying solely on biblical teachings instead of human instruction.
The American Bible Society was founded around 1816. The history of our nation is intersected by The American Bible Society. The first president of the organization was Elias Boudinot. He was a former continental congress president. The bible had its roots in every piece of United States not just what could be said to be the “bible thumpers.” Many people played roles in the society one such person was John Quincy Adams. John Quincy Adams is the sixth president of The United States. American Bible Society worked in many ways to reach people in the nation who might not have access to a bible. The American Bible Society has involved itself in major events in history such as The Civil War, World War I, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and many others. They have also made bible accessible to people from different walks of life such as the visual impaired and African Americans. The organization completes an Annual State of The Bible. This report gives information on the bibles role in society, American beliefs, and it presence in U.S. homes.
Views are Different
American Bible Society takes up a report called Annual State of the Bible Report. The statistics for resent generations have seen a change in views of the Bibles importance. Today the people who find the bible as a crucial part of life are equal in comparison to the amount of people who no longer...

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