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America's National Language Essay

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There is a debate in America whether to change the national language to english or not, but having a national language does not only come with advantages, it also comes with disadvantages. Many people believe having a national language would create unity, in fact, it may do the very opposite. In a land of hope, opportunity, freedom and liberty, the least anyone would want is the freedom to choose the language they speak. Officially making english the national language is not a necessity, people seem to be living perfectly fine without it being put in place and thats why there are more disadvantages than advantages.
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Although the nation is not intentionally making this situation come off as racist, that is what they are implementing.
Many may disagree with not having a national language and have english as the primary language because it is said to be the key to success in America. Although there is a higher chance of a person being successful in the business world if they are able to speak english, there are many businesses that are ran by legal immigrants while being legal did not used to include several tests to determine whether or not an immigrant was fluent enough in english to come to America, and their businesses were a success. Many immigrants running businesses seem to be making it with knowing very little of the “key to success.” In the article “English should be the official language,” Samuel Ichiye Hayakawa clearly states that for hispanics they have a dropout rate of nearly 50% and although Hayakawa mentions how “the school systems may have succeeded wonderfully in maintaining their national language, but if it failed to help them master the english language fully, what’s the benefit?” (Hayakawa, 566) The main objective should not be more towards an immigrant students knowledge of english, it should be more towards the 50% drop out that this culture maintains and how to change it. The benefit with or without the ability to speak fluent english would be a decreased dropout rate. Others...

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