America's Obesity Epidemic Essay

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The government plays an important part in our safety, but many people think they take it too far. Recently, people have thought more and more about how much involvement the government should have when it comes to food regulations. Some people think the government's involvement in regulating food would greatly help obesity rates, and others think the country's obesity rates would show little to no improvement. Although no one cause of obesity exists, and no government regulations will likely alter someone’s lifestyle choices, the government should implement some regulations by implementing programs to educate and encourage citizens to lead a healthier life and by requiring companies to list a full disclosure of ingredients on their products.
Because obesity has many causes, people do not think the government implementing regulations on food will influence healthy decisions. In Charles Baum's article, “In Fight With Obesity, a Bigger Government is the Wrong Weapon,” he tells reasons why the government would not help obesity rates go down by making regulations on food. In the article, he states, “Obesity is the result of overconsumption of calories. And as our research demonstrated, people find a variety of ways to do this” (Baum). Baum says that other causes of obesity like people quitting smoking and lacking regular exercise will keep obesity rates high even if the government puts regulations on food. However, having easier, healthy food and exercise choices could increase people’s healthy behaviors. In the article, “The Experts: What Role Should Government Play in Combating Obesity?” many experts discuss their thoughts on how much involvement the government should have in fighting obesity. Cassella states that the government should, “Pay for easier access to healthy food and daily exercise in our cities and workplaces rather than widening the seats on busses” (Carol Cassella qtd. “The Experts”). She thinks that the government should help people achieve a healthier life instead of change and conform to the country’s obesity rates. Just implementing food regulations will not cause obesity to go down significantly because many other bad habits exist that can lead to overweight and unhealthy people.
By creating programs for consumers, the government could help inform them of the dangers obesity can cause and how they can avoid obesity. In the article “The Experts,” David Blumenthal tells that programs could help everyday people. He states, “Programs that educate consumers […] have the potential to pay large societal dividends, improving the health and well-being of our citizens and returning some of the savings our health-care system desperately needs” (David Blumenthal qtd....

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