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America's Role In The World Essay

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Americas “role” of today is involves a lot of things. They are currently the biggest economy on the planet; they have the biggest military force of all and are also the world’s number one superpower, closely followed by Russia and China. There are`s a lot of things that America havehas to do, have responsibility over and respond to. They are kind of like an example on of how countries should be, though many disagree on with that. But the reason for it is because of the economy. Loads ofMany brands of both clothing and other luxurious trademarks originate from America. They are on the big scalepredominantly a “stable” country and may be perceived asare somewhat peacekeepers. I think that maybe they also think of themselves as these “peacekeepers” or “allies of justice”. And I also think that many other also think like this.
Since 9/11 this “role” where was hurled imposed on at America, ...view middle of the document...

And nobody really knows how these prisoners are treated. They set their footprint around the world saying “here are we to help”, but are really just protecting their own interests for trade etc. This is of course only speculation on my side, but I think there is something to it. I think America is misusing this “role” and exploiting their power to increase their wealth and grip on the world. But on the other side, I don’t think the world would make it so easily if America where suddenly to disappear.
“The war on terror” is a term that repeats itself a lot around America. What is the “war on terror?”, and shouldn’t it be over by now? The war on terror is America’s war against terrorism throughout the world and it seems they are willing to do anything to stop it completely. Al-Qaida has named them responsible for 9/11 which was the hurler of the “role”, and Osama Bin Laden was caught and killed here almost 2 years ago. And a short amount of time after that, the Snowden case was revealed. If Bin Laden is dead, the man who were behind it all are gone, why all the extreme surveillance? Is America that afraid of terrorism that they are willing to go that far? All these actions that America is taking are making their reputation more and more tainted. How much more are they going to do with this “war on terror” if the main figure is gone and the risk for a terror attack are minimal? For me it is hard to get what the reason behind all of it is.
All of this sums up to a one interesting conclusion. Americas role in the world are quite special. They are the number 1 both superpower and economy. They are the biggest military power in the world, and they are mostly viewed as a luxurious country where dreams are fulfilled. They stabilize the world with their presence around the world and maybe thinks as themselves as these “peacekeepers”. Of course they have some downsides with hard surveillance and “war on terror” that are greatly criticized. But this “role that where thrusted upon them” I think is overrated and just America trying to make themselves look good or righteous in some of the criticized act they are pulling.

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