America's Social Decline Essay

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Good questions I’ll do my best to answer; I think that we really began sliding down hill with the social programs enacted during FDR’s term as president. I believe this shows what exactly was meant by the Madison quote I used in my paper “Crises is the rallying cry of the tyrant”. I’m not disputing that something needed to be done during such crises I just believe if we would have been truer to the Constitution then these “fixes” would have been limited in tenure in order to avoid the natural propensity for government to expand which is evidently what happened. Another critical point in my estimation was the Supreme Court ruling I cited in the paper. I think there is a lot of non-originalist interpretation that takes place in today’s government and having precedence such as that furthers the cause of the expansion of government giving legislators a precedence to site towards whatever means they see fit essentially providing a free pass.

Well as for the military spending you reference I think it can be looked at in two ways; one that it is more aid then military spending or two that it is America’s way of bolstering the global cause of liberty. I subscribe to the second view, I’m sure that there are additional aspects to it, but in general I think it is the U.S. taking on the global cause of furthering liberty around the globe. If it is our place I guess is debatable but think of it like this if tyrannical rule consumed the globe with exception of the U.S. where would it turn next? Sure it is a slippery slope, but there are definitely people in the world that have benefitted from America’s help in the fight for liberty. I look at it like this, where would I rather the national governments focus be? I think that national security and therefore military spending is one of its primary focuses and responsibilities. If you follow the intent of the Constitution then it’s evident the primary focus of “national” government is to spend on such things as national security, infrastructure, those things that effect “all” Americans not just a select few as so many other programs that we have now do. To more precisely answer your question I think that America gets a little too much into the policing of the world but on the other had what...

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