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In the wake of the 21st century, one of the issues that have been most troubling for the American administration is same sex marriages. The American population is highly divided over the course to take repeals. However, research has shown that same sex marriages are gaining support across all states. Decriminalization and legalization of the same sex marriages is happening at a fast rate in many nations and many states. The lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community Movement (LGBT) has had several milestones and influences within the United Nation in which the entire European Union and United States support same sex marriages. Gays should not be treated like criminals. Therefore, same ...view middle of the document...

However, the Supreme Court ruled this as a violation of the US constitution. In the same way, many voters may not be of the opinion that gay marriages be made legal. However, just because voters do not want legalization, the notion does not mean that the government should not recognize gay unions. As documented by Tricia Andryszewski, most recent polls show that 49 percent of Americans know a gay person somewhere (16). This shows that gay marriages may not be legal, but there are an overwhelming percentage of them
First of all, gay marriages have already became a reality that the US administration should accept regardless of the political, social or religious orientations. According to the website, ten states in America have recognized and legalized gay marriages ("States that"). Several other states recognize and respect same-sex marriages between couples from other states. Others have categorized same sex unions as civil unions or domestic partnerships. Further, uses statistics to suggest that 17 percent of Americans live in states that have legalized or respect same sex marriages, 39 percent in states that have broad description of such unions, and 43 percent live in states that offer protection for same sex couples (“States”). These statistics suggest that gay marriages are a reality that the mass population has to live with, it is nothing more abnormal, gay couples are human beings, too.
Moreover, every person has a right to be happy and enjoy life. Gay marriages should be treated just like other forms of marriages. As suggested by Sean Cahill, it is unfortunate that these marriages are called same-sex marriages. They should be regarded as marriage (15). Cahill also points out, heterosexual marriages are not regarded as straight marriages; so, why should homosexual marriages be treated differently? All that matters in a union is love, care and trust, which, in turn, brings about happiness. By the same token, love is love and should not be limited on the boundaries of gender. Every US citizen should express his/her love to whomever he/she pleases as marriages is a further step in showing how much one loves another.
Likewise, no one is supposed to decide whom another person is supposed to marry. People of the same sex should not also be allowed to share and celebrate their commitments publicly. Again, they should not be denied the benefits of marriages as given to marriages between opposite sex. According to Nagle, There is an increased evidence that the American population does not dwell on traditional marriage (51). He notices in today's society, now generation do not consider marriages as the same as the traditional ones. Even in the ancient days, there were some other forms of family arrangements. Families were based on polygamy, use of concubines, mistresses and communal child rearing. These were there to create family unions. In the same way, gay marriages are meant for the creation of a family union. Therefore,...

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