America Should Not Withdraw Its Troops From The War In Iraq

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It wouldn't be wise to pull American troops out of Iraq. Not only have we put so much of our time, dedication and money into helping improve Iraq, but there have also been a great number of lives that have been sacrificed for the benefits of the Iraqis. Withdrawing our troops from Iraq would give countries the impression that we don't finish what we start and leaving Iraq now wouldn't solve their problems--it could even worsen them. We should stay in Iraq to finish what we started--and that's improving Iraq's government and helping Iraqi citizens to become free.The cost of the war in Iraq is exceptionally high. We've put an outstanding amount of our time and money into this war to help improve Iraq. Even if it's small steps, we're getting closer to our goal of helping the Iraqi people--and each day we are making progress. We've already started making improvements--why stop now? If we pull American troops out of Iraq before we finish what we came to Iraq for--we might as well throw millions of dollars down the toilet because it would be a waste of our money and effort. It's heart-aching to think about all of the money that's been spent on the war, but what about all of the lives that have been sacrificed? What about all of the brave American soldiers that have given up their lives to help improve the lives of others? Not only our own American soldiers lives' have been taken, but also innocent Iraqi citizens. Several might say that this tragedy of lives being lost should be the reason for leaving Iraq, but why not turn that thought around and STAY in Iraq so those sacrificed lives actually have meaning. We should remember those who died for us and for the benefits of others, and we should honor them by continuing with the task for which they so valiantly gave their lives. We can help the Iraqis, and abandoning them isn't going to help.We already have conflicts between other countries, and if we were to withdraw our troops out of Iraq, that would give America an even worse reputation. Not only will it give other countries the impression that we are quitters, we don't have any integrity and we don't finish what we start--but Iraqi citizens will no longer have hope. We are there to help give Iraq freedom--giving up will take away any possibility of their...

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