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America Spending Too Much Money On Military English Assignment

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On average the U.S government spends close to 600 billion dollars each year on military, making it the number one country for military expenditure, spending three times more than its closest competitor, China. As of 2013, the United States' military spending constituted more than a third of global military spending, despite having less than 5 percent of the world's population. Currently, America is spending more on its military than the next seven nations combined, four of which are close allies of the U.S. Maintaining a war-winning military is essential to shaping the international order in ways conducive to U.S. interests. And yet, the single biggest potential risk to the United States is continuing to spend money they don’t have. Whilst other developed nations have proper healthcare, excellent education, better standard of living, the U.S. spends billions on experimental fighter jets that never even see a test flight, instead of providing the nation with some of the most basic needs.
In America, heart disease is the highest leading cause of death with close to 600 thousand deaths annually, a large number compared to the two thousand American casualties from war. With more then 3 trillion dollars being spent on healthcare each year you’d expect better living standards. How is that America has enough money for its level of military while so many problems go unsolved for everyday Americans? Skyrocketing health care costs, student loans, childcare, housing, natural disasters. None of these can seem to find...

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