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America The Beautiful, United We Stand, Divided We Fall

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The seams of American society are not as strong as they used to be. Decay of good morals and values are evident all around us from actions of our children to adults. Our founding fathers put in place the standards that put America on the path as the most successful nation that has ever existed. Many Americans today do not take the time to realize that our nation is falling apart. There is always a debate about what is causing it, but what most people can agree on is that there is something profoundly wrong with America. Our government, which was founded to serve the people, has turned to targeting those who think outside the box. The statement during the IRS Committee on Oversight and ...view middle of the document...

Children who had been moltested by this pedophile were revictimized because the legal system has to many loop holes. This action was perfectly legal, but morally and ethically it was very wrong. “Innocent until proven guilty, a concept we all know, it may be hard to accept sometimes” (The Daily Mining Gazette). The American judicial system, no matter how distasteful, is one of the core principles that separate America from other countries, but there must be a line drawn of what is ethically acceptable.
The knockout game, a new trend for young males to play, has been spreading from California to New York. “The overall goal is to result in the victim's unconsciousness, and assailants might video record the assault and boast about their involvement for notoriety” (Zonfrillo, Arbogast and Fein). Reviewing one of many knockout videos showed a woman walking down the street when a stranger runs up and whacks her from behind. The sucker punch was so brutal; the victim was lying on the sidewalk, unable to move. There have been six reported deaths that resulted from head injuries, spinal cord injuries, and a wound to the heart. Assailants jumping people should be considered hate crimes, and prosecuted as such. “Al Sharpton denounced the nationwide trend of knockout game stating the behavior by mostly blacks attacking white, jewish, and asian strangers is deplorable and must be condemned by all” (Lee).
If we have any hope of engaging our most pressing problems, when it comes to what is ethically and morally acceptable, we should always stand up for what we believe is right no matter how many feathers get ruffled. Unfortunately, as America continues to come apart at the seams will become even more divided. America the beautiful, united we stand, divided we fall.

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