"America The Great" After The 911 Attacks Has The U.S Gotten Stronger Or Weaker?

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It has been recently discussed in the media about the present state of the nation. Is the United States better than ever or have the past terrorist attacks weaken the American spirit? When we hear the word strong, we almost instantly think about physical power, being tough and glaring, but strength is not only physical but mental and spiritual as well and here is where the average people are mislead about the strength of the United States. The U.S has made it's people and the rest of the world believe that the U.S is invincible and that there's nothing they cannot do or overcome, but the truth is, it is just to comfort. The United States is far too confident and egotistic, it tries so hard to be the best and live up to the image that the world has of it, unbreakable, glorious, fair and strong. And that is exactly what the problem is, this nation must stop trying to give the right, optimistic image expected of it and face its struggles with clarity and open-mindedness, specially during these times of possible war, before it is too late.A strong nation is one that does not believe in being superior to any other, one that is lead by a strong, determined and supported leader. A strong nation is not preoccupied with what the rest of the world will say, but instead what is good for its people. A strong nation stands up for what they believe and are realistic about it. They are confident to a certain point and most importantly, its own people are strong in mind and spirit, that is what truly supports a country, if the people do not believe in their own nation, then it does not matter how hard the government tries, the country will never be strong . A strong nation is that which sets realistic goals and priorities and in which there is an economic balance. It controls it expenses and keeps its national debt as low as possible. It supports its public services with equal funding as other departments. A strong nation is concerned with equal opportunities for its people both social and economic.The U.S cannot possibly be called strong yet. This nation has too many flaws that need to be dealt with. This nation believes to be invincible, that they can manipulate everyone and everything, and that does not make them strong. The U.S tries to impose their ideals and opinions on everybody in the world, and a strong nation respects and values other nation's beliefs. "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it"(Lawrence). The U.S is afraid of falling behind, always trying to be the best at everything, they are afraid of inferiority. It is better to be hated for who you are than loved for what you are not. A strong nation prefers to have intelligent, civilized discussion rather than using force upon others weaker or more vulnerable than they. The U.S is still struggling with racism and social inequity. Its national debt is alarmingly increasing and unemployment is rising. Education is rapidly going down in the list of...

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