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America, The Land Of Broken Dreams

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America is a nation that was built on the concepts of equality, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These fundamental concepts have influenced amalgams of immigrants from across the world to travel to America in the hopes and search for a better life away from the hardships faced in their homeland. With the fusion of different cultures and ideas, immigrants have helped give birth to a powerful, unified global nation that inspires others to fight for their dreams and aspirations. The immigration reform is one of those dreams that undocumented Americans are fighting for today. One particular dream within the immigration reform movement is the Development, Relief and Education of Alien Minors ...view middle of the document...

Andres, a friend from high school, was a brilliant student who was in the top 10% of his class and aimed high towards his goals. He dreamed of becoming an engineer and pursuing his goals at Columbia University. Unfortunately, he was undocumented. He could not pursue his goals of continuing his education after high school because the federal government and school would not give him financial aid to meet his expenses at Columbia. He had no other choice but to travel back to Colombia for good to continue his studies. As a nation of opportunity, we must stand up and fight for the rights for these students. There should be no reason why the United States government should unfairly penalize undocumented students who had no say when they were brought to this country. The DREAM Act would allow a specific group of undocumented immigrants to obtain state grants, community college fees waived, and obtain permanent citizenship.
In 2001, Senators Richard Durbin and Orin Hatch created the DREAM Act, a bipartisan legislation that would give undocumented students who have demonstrated good moral character and have grown up in the United States to apply for permanent legal status, which will eventually make them eligible for U.S. citizenship if they go to college or serve in the U.S. military. Unfortunately, due to the current harsh immigration laws across the United States, for example the Alabama HB 56 law where it prohibits children’s access to a public school education if they are undocumented, parents included (American Civil Liberties Union), or the recent rejection of the Dream Act in New York State due to the state budget, students are unable to continue their education. Political opponents have struck down the DREAM Act because they believe that the passage of such Act may increase the number of illegal immigrants coming into the United States, and give immigrants access to federal and state resources, which may increase costs. The arguments against the DREAM Act are selfish. They are selfish because opponents are not allowing an immigrant obtain the same opportunities that a US citizen has, especially to students who seek nothing but the best for their life.
Opponents state that the passage of the DREAM Act will provide undocumented immigrants access to federal and state resources, which may increase costs. However, there is an amalgam of benefits gained from passing the DREAM Act, which to some has been viewed as promising. Undocumented students have a chance of gaining residency, which will also allow for the qualification of in-state tuition in any state. The DREAM Act will aid many people, not only undocumented immigrants, but the citizens of the United States. According to economic analysts, approximately 2.1 million students will be eligible to...

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