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America The Land Of The Fatty

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The United States has always been considered the land of the plenty, but today it might be the land of to plenty. America has the highest obesity rate in the world today and it is all because of the way the American people live their life, not the food they eat. All over the country people either know or can easily find out how unhealthy their choices in food are. The simple truth is they do not care, simply because unhealthier food choices are simply easier than the healthy alternative. The problem is not the food it is the people and their way of life.
The average American adult eats fast food everyday, and one out of every eight adults has worked at a fast food resturaunt in their lifetime ( The tendency to eat out can be related to peoples schedule, most people are normally on the go and it is simply easier to go pick up fast food and eat on the way to wherever they are going than to sit down and have a traditional meal and cook. So for many people their schedule heavily influences their diet, and with life in the twenty-first century as fast paced as it is many people are forced to choose a unhealthy diet because that is all they have time for. The average American works over forty hours a week, and the amount of over stressed and over worked people is rising ( The American people also work more than any other industrialized nation in the world, take less vacations, and retire later. This then leads to effecting children's eating habits, with a growing number of children being put in daycare and after schools programs it is safe to assume the parents have a hard time providing healthy meals at home for their children so instead they provide a fast cheap alternative such as fast food and snacks. And who can blame them the addition of children to the already hectic life of an overworked adult only adds more responsibility and pressure.
With work and children being a part of the average life of an American adult it is a wonder anyone has time to exercise and be active. Being overworked many people are simply too tired to go work out, or by the time they get off work there is no time. It is almost as if society has set us up for failure, everyone has to work to survive and prices are always going up so the need to work longer for more pay is also a recurring nightmare. With the system how it is it seems like America is on a downward spiral into a pit of obesity and other poor nutritional problems. But before anyone can even think of trying to make food healthier the average american schedule needs to change so people can choose to be health instead of just making choices based on how quick they can access food.
Even though American life is set up to be unhealthy there are ways to take steps in the right direction to make the lives of the average individual easier and better. First of all America can take a page out of the books of other countries who seem to have better health than the people in the U.S. like...

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