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America Protects The World Essay

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We’ve all heard that America should mind its own business in other countries affairs. Those are the same people who forget America’s history, and that reside within its states. America fought against British tyranny when it didn’t even have its own standing army. The United States have and still continue to help many countries fight against their own dictators, or those that seek to keep the common everyday man down. Americans come from far and wide, from all over the world. We are a melting pot of different heritages and cultures. Our citizens still feel a strong connection to their past homelands. Therefore, if their home land is in trouble they want to be part of the solution. This great County holds assets and financially are tied to many different countries, so it is in its own best interest to help out any country in need, within reason. Although there are those that do believe that it is not our place that we are hurting their countries because we are occupying it, but if you look at how we have improved countries like the Philippines, South Korea, appears that we have done much to improve these places. Although our ideals and ways are not for everyone, we do not force others into our ideals, we just give it as a stepping stone so they can modify it and become free in their own interpretation.
America had to fight long and hard to be where it is today. When we were under Britain’s tyranny we saw it was to have people who regiment lives, tell you what to do, what to think, to feel who leach off your very essence you till they drain everything out of you. We fought against an enemy that actually had a professional standing army with our honorable Minute Men that were comprised of shop workers and average every day Joes. America has seen first-hand what dictators can do to the people that live under their rule we fought against it and won so we understand better than most. Our history has given us a heart that lusts to help those in need. Especially due to that fact that we too had others help us in our time of need.
Although the days which America fought for its right to have freedoms are over, the idea of people revolting against their own dictators is a lot more frightening with the fact that tanks, explosives, and other weapons of mass destruction our counties hold now can arbitrate any hope of change for other countries. The only hope for other countries to revolt against their cruel leaders is outside help. Although, it can be catastrophic if a country with a bad ideology tries to intervene. For example, when Russia converted north Korea into a communist country, North Korea took a turn for a worse with them being cut off from the rest of the world and being dropped into a 3rd world state of living. While America has donated lives, billions of dollars, time, and resources to countries that don’t always appreciate it, its efforts usually come out extremely positive for the state. A great example of the positive effects would be...

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