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America Was Or Was Not Justified In Breaking Away From Great Britain?

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America was or was not justified in breaking away from Great Britain?America had every right, mind and aspect, to throw off the almost inexorable chains of Great Britain. Not only declaring war against the British was justified, but it was the only choice America had. From the very beginning, (when the colonists first migrated to America) the colonists were displeased with Great Britain's law-makings and government. When diplomatic options and agreements with Great Britain failed, America realized it was time to act and retaliate. The colonists' disagreements with Great Britain's law-makings, the specific unforgettable conflicts/events the colonists had with Great Britain, and the great desire for individuality, and freedom of rights of the colonists ultimately led to the declaration of war, the American Revolution.One of the reasons that fueled America's rage that ultimately led to the American Revolution and the breaking away from Great Britain was Great Britain's government and law-makings such as the Stamp Act of 1765. This act was passed mainly because Britain had amassed large war debts from wars like the French and Indian War. According to the Stamp Act, "American colonists were required to apply tax stamps to all official documents, including deeds, mortgages, newspapers, and pamphlets." This act was intended to generate money from the colonies that would help pay for the cost to keep up a stable force of British troops in the American colonies, but instead, led to oppositions by the American colonists. The colonists convened the Stamp Act Congress to protest the act, which they called, "taxation without representation." Colonists (who were already destitute) did not believe this act was righteous and fair, and it was because of this act that the colonists were forced to economic hardships and worst conditions of poverty. In addition, the Stamp Act not only led to economic depressions, but to the uprising of the colonists against the British and the increasing desire of the colonists for self-government. Thus, this aided to build the foundations for the American Revolution and the motivation for seceding from Great Britain.One of the specific unforgettable events that stimulated America in breaking away with Great Britain was the Boston Massacre in 1770. It was the "massacre" that changed the opinion the colonists' opinions about how they felt about the British. The story told about this bloody event is that there was confusion among the British officers when the American colonists approached, and as a result, the British randomly fired on the crowd of colonists. According to chapter 7 of the AP US history book, the American Pageant, "the British troops opened fire and killed or wounded eleven innocent citizens. One of the first to die was Crispus Attucks, described by contemporaries as a powerfully built runaway mulatto and as a leader of the mob." The results of this gory event depicted propagandas that the British were organized, and...

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