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The way America became a superpower is a long bloody process, from the Revolution and becoming a country all the way to WWII when America is finally able to say they are a superpower. The few major key events that started WWI is what pushed the world into WWII. After WWI, Germany surrendered and signed the Treaty of Versailles, which crippled Germany’s economy. The coup that Hitler pulled off to overthrow German leaders gained him power. He then began to reconstruct Germany’s army. On September 1st, 1939 Germany invaded Poland and thus began WWII. As the war proceeded, France fell and Britain was next. As the Luftwaffe bombed London, Churchill asked Roosevelt for aid. The lend lease act was created and aid began to flow towards Britain. America was not in WWII yet but was on the verge.
December 7th, 1941, the Japanese surprise attacked Pearl Harbor. Bombers sank many U.S. ships and killed U.S. Service members. Because the embargo act placed on Japan, we were no longer supplying them with materials they needed to continue their war machine. Japan signed a treaty with Russia, to prevent an attack from Russia on their northern border. As Germany took more and more of Russia, Japan tried to go in and seize oil from Southeast Asia. The U.S. ordered Japan to stop taking territory but they refused and took Indochina and parts of China. The American public did not care enough to go to war over this. As Japan refused to stop invading and taking territory, a bunch of countries froze all assets to Japan. The major of the assets was oil. Without oil the army would be halted to a crawl eventually and stopped. Tojo had his military leaders make up a war plan. This entailed taking all of Indochina, the Philippians and some islands in the pacific. His major concern was the U.S. Navy fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor. So he ordered a plan to surprise attack with bombers launched from carriers. Thus Pearl Harbor happened, this attack stunned America, and crippled her navy. This enraged the American public. Roosevelt asked congress to declare war on Japan on December 8th. Three days after the declaration of war on Japan, congress declares war on the Axis powers. America was now in WWII and the American people wanted revenge. “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve”. (Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto)
When America entered the war, the marines were to assault the pacific and the army to assault Africa, Sicily and eventually France. As American forces search for the Japanese navy, the battle Of Coral Sea undertook. The Americans sank the light carrier Shoho. They would also cripple the carrier Shokaku. The carrier Zuikaku wasn’t hit but lost too many planes to be combat effective. The Japanese sank the U.S. carrier Lexington. Japan attacked Midway Island on June 4, 1942. Japan had a total of four carriers present for the battle since three were knocked out of commission at the battle of Coral Sea. The four carriers were the...

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