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Beyond the glory days of Pac-Man games and Commodore 64 units, digital forms of equipment in media have advanced exponentially throughout the world, especially within the English-speaking societies that now depend on its continual evolution. The ways in which several countries have followed into the high-tech market of conveying ideas, for purposes of both business and pleasure, demonstrate their willingness to move forward into an era that demands more of its developers and machines. Although a great number of territories lack sufficient improvements in the technical and industrial aspects of contemporary mediums, as compared to expansions found around the globe, others are adequately equivalent to the progressions found in the West. Therefore, subsequent pages of information will equally compare the technological, industrial, regulatory and culturally influenced features of modern media in Australia to those found within the economical matrix of the United States of America.
Despite the fact that quite a few years have passed since Australian inventors created Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi), Australia, once known as an old-fashioned, outback area for tourism, has experienced significant changes toward the new era of progressive innovation in machinery. In fact, as stated clearly by Media Access Australia (2011) a leading organization that encourages media capabilities for disabled individuals, “The number of mainstream technologies that are affordable and accessible is increasing, helping people to access information on the internet not just in their homes but in any location through portable devices.” (Table 1) While a great deal of the products used in Australia are made by import-based manufactures (e.g., Motorola, Nokia and T-mobile), the popularity of their integrated services has made them a sensation that is parallel to the attention found worldwide. More specifically, it appears that the fashionable handiness of such powerful technology has the modern world down under by storm.
Similarly, the Americans enjoy the convenience of numerous transportable phones that, as a backbone, have a 4th generation (4G) phone network, photography capabilities and several other features to challenge those of any country in the world. The promotion of communication technology first appears to be a buyer’s market in the West; however, severe problems do exist that are essentially absent in areas having fewer capabilities, including Australia. To be clear, American equipment and service providers create difficulties, insofar as sharing benefits between customers of various brands and software packages, and remain within an arrangement unlike the Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications system abroad. For example, several handset producers do not allow the integration of specific features between their phones and another group’s model, because of incompatible programs. Furthermore, signal providers have frequency and coverage area issues that...

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