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American As A Second Language Essay

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American as a Second Language On arriving in America from Australia 3 years ago I discovered that there were several differences and similarities between the two countries. The first and probably the biggest of these was cars and driving.American cars were interesting to me. They made the same annoying revving sound at 5:00 AM as they did in Australia, but when I looked to find the source of the noise it was on the wrong side of the road, and apparently without a driver but with a passenger. I have since learned that American cars are supposed to drive on the right side of the road not the left as they do in Australia. Many an angry driver would shout at me, "Why don't you drive on the right side of the road!" This was always confusing to me as I thought I was on the right side, which happens to be the left side or something like that.You think that's confusing? Imagine my surprise when getting into a car for the first time, and finding that the steering wheel was not where it should have been, the gear lever was on the wrong side, but oh relief, the pedals were the same way around, even if they were on the wrong side of the car. My second lesson in American cars was learned here, the steering wheel and all the driving gear is on the opposite side to that of Australian cars.On mastering the driving I needed to find a petrol station, as I was low on petrol. This too was confusing until I was informed that in America, gas is used to fill a car, and you get this at a gas station. To Australians gas is what you use for barbecues or heating. I finally pull up next to a gas pump and proceed to work out how much gas I need, only to find yet another difference. Not only is it not petrol, it is not in litres (liters in America) either. How many gallons in a liter or is it liters in a gallon? This was easily solved however, I just kept filling until the petrol, sorry, gas tank was full. Gallons or liters, full is full in both countries.While at the gas station I thought I would check the oil, the tyre pressures and change the windscreen wiper blades. This was where I learned of several other differences between the two countries.The oil was still called oil, much to...

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