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I came to the health care presentation with relatively extensive prior exposure to the details of the American Care Act, but surprisingly little knowledge of the debates surrounding the health care reform. From listening to the news I was aware that there was quite a bit of controversy surrounding the law, but it was only while researching that I discovered the details of why each political party, as well as the Catholic Church, supports or opposes the law. Knowing this, I have formed the opinion that, while the structure of the American Care Act is imperfect and the implementation leaves much to be desired, this piece of health care reform will still be an overall good for Americans and is ...view middle of the document...

When he does age out of his parents plan, he will be able to find new care even in the face of a pre-existing condition. This anecdote supports my view by providing a face and a story to the American’s helped by the American Care Act.
The class discussion also brought up parts of the American Care Act which do not help Americans. Several people mentioned the 5-year ban on documented immigrants being able to obtain public coverage through Medicaid (Medicaid: A Primer 2013 p.11). While at least one person thought that this ban was necessary to prevent undocumented residents from misusing the public health care system, many others expressed concern that it would unnecessarily prevent green card holders from accessing the care they need. Concerns like these challenge my argument that the Affordable Care Act is good for American’s, because they indicate that there are some in America whom are not helped sufficiently by the Affordable Care Act.
My opinion is also challenged by the reality of the rollout of the health care law. 4.4 million people were expected to be covered by now, but only 3.3 million, about 75% of the expected number, have actually obtained coverage (Kennedy 2014). Even if the health care law is well thought out and good for those who can access the new Medicaid expansion or health insurance marketplaces, it can do little good overall if it reaches few people. The initial low enrollment causes me to modify my opinion to state that I am unhappy with the implantation of the Affordable Care Act, even as I believe the law itself is beneficial.
I did learn, though, that the Republican Party does not believe that the health reform law is beneficial. They would like to see more Americans covered without furthering the government’s involvement. They state that, “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act –
Obamacare – was never really about healthcare, though its impact upon the nation’s health is
disastrous it was about power, the expansion of government control over one sixth of our economy, and resulted in an attack on our Constitution, by requiring that U.S. citizens purchase health insurance” (Republican Platform). If this is true, my argument is greatly weakened; Obamacare would harm the very Americans it intends to help.
To replace the current law, Republicans have proposed the American Health Care Reform Act. The goal of the act is to eliminate the “billions in taxes and thousands of pages of unworkable regulations and mandates that are driving up health care costs” in Obamacare and replace them with a system that encourages greater competition (RCS). The Republican Platform also calls or adjusting Medicare so that older Americans have more choices in their healthcare (Republican Views). If something like the American Health Care Reform Act could cover many of the Americans who are uninsured, it would weaken my argument because it would help Americans in the same way Obamacare does, by providing access to health care, with...

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