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American Censorship Essay

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When the American colonies of England became a united nation, it was founded on the base that citizens would be liberated from any type of authoritarian oppression. Freedom of speech was the simplest method of tyranny that America’s Founding Fathers pursued to abolish and accordingly, the Bill of Rights incorporated freedom of speech into the very first amendment. Nevertheless, over the following two centuries, the American government has imposed censorship on ideas and practices that are considered potentially harmful to society. While there are numerous things that individuals should not see, including pornography and racist statements that can inspire citizens to act in an insubordinate conduct, the government must not censor materials, because by doing such, it infringes the Constitution, subdues information from the American people, and forces the population to conform to the ideals of those in power, as all literature in books and on the internet, are limited to things that are judged to be suitable by the government.
By censoring material, the American government unmistakably infringes the American Constitution as it restricts civil rights by contradicting freedom of speech which is assured to American citizens. As American citizens, we have the unalienable right to express ourselves as specified in the First Amendment of the revered document: "Congress shall make no law... prohibiting the free exercise... of speech, or of the press." Hence, any act that foils the media or beings from attainment of information infringes upon their constitutional rights. However, National Security Letters, those which avert the receiver of the letter from unveiling that the letter was even received, are still manufactured by the government and demonstrate that censorship is being instigated by the organization that is not supposed to be doing so (ACLU). Even the American Patriot Act converts citizens to become too terrified to speak up and out, because they dread their names may go on a government list of suspected terrorists. Furthermore, the American Constitution also permits for citizens to "assemble, and to petition the government." This right is almost permanently denied to those who embody the minority of the public opinion. For example, when the President is presented in an area for an assembly, "First Amendment Zones" are created for political advocates to implicate their Constitutional rights of freedom of speech by protesting against him or her. Yet, the authorities that establish the meeting place these “First Amendment Zones” so far away from the site that the contradicting opinions cannot be heard as they are "censored on the basis of perspective." Not only can the mass public not hear the points of view, but even the media is denied...

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