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American Cereal Company: Marketing Plan. Essay

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As the world's largest producer of cereal and cereal related products, American Cereal Company strives to exceed the needs of our customers by developing a wide variety of options to satisfy their needs. In order to meet our customer and stockholder demands, the Company must consistently introduce new cereals under the ACC umbrella of products.Marketing ObjectivesThe recent popularity of high-protein low carbohydrate diets has created the market for a product that capitalizes on this ever-expanding group. By creating a "low Carb" cereal, the ACC hopes to obtain a 20% market share of the ready-to-eat cereal market and 5% market share of the low carbohydrate, high protein diet market. Recognized as a high quality cereal line among consumers, there exists the opportunity to capitalize on this reputation with a new cereal. That cereal is "Carb Conscious."Carb Conscious CerealIn keeping with the goal of developing a low carbohydrate, high protein ready-to-eat cereal, the American Cereal Company introduces Carb Conscious Cereal. Carb Conscious is a high-protein low carbohydrate cereal with great flavor. Many of our competitors have attempted to introduce low carb cereals into the marketplace and have had problems with customer satisfaction due to product taste and not a low enough "Carb count". The ACC has determined that there is a tremendous market opportunity for a good tasting low Carb cereal with six or fewer grams of carbohydrates per serving. With the ACC's reputation for healthy high-quality products, the ACC has the consumer trust needed to gain market share.Projected OutcomeSales of low-Carb branded merchandise hit $520 million last year. Assuming the target goal of 5% of the low Carb market is met, that would account for $26 million in sales each year. With production and distribution systems already in place, the initial capital investment is dramatically reduced and the biggest expenditure will be advertising. With targeted monthly sales of $2.16 million, ACC estimates that within six months the $5 million spent on our initial marketing blitz should be recouped. Long-term profits should remain plentiful as the market share increases through new and repeat customers.In order to gain exposure for the newest product, the ACC will need to market the cereal through a variety of channels including television/radio commercials, magazine advertisements and discount coupons in newspapers. The ACC will also need to partner with grocery stores for visible product placement on grocery aisle end caps and within the cereal section of the stores. To reach the 35-40 year olds, the Company will consider billboard advertisements, talk-radio, etc.II. Company DescriptionSince 1906, when Arthur C. Champion introduced "Sustain," people the world over have come to know the American Cereal Company (ACC) as a company they can rely on for great-tasting, high-quality, and nutritional foods.With projected annual sales of more than $9 billion, the ACC is the world's...

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