American Civil Liberties Are Defined As Civil Rights Designed With The Purpose Of Limiting Government Intervention In Citizen’s Affairs (Civil Lib

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American civil liberties are defined as civil rights designed with the purpose of limiting government intervention in citizen’s affairs (Civil Liberties 1). After the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the United States government enacted new policies that did not universally coincide with the civil liberties Americans are guaranteed. Several of the new procedures enacted were unnecessary and caused average American citizens to have to live without the civil liberties they are assured that they will receive. Also in an attempt to infiltrate terrorist organizations, interrogation tactics have become brutal and grotesque. Despite the victim’s criminal status, ...view middle of the document...

After more than a decade, citizens have developed a strong desire to regain those rights that the government initially denied them. Those rights are revoked due to a problem that is responsible for fewer annual American deaths than murder. 20,000 citizens are killed annually, the majority by guns, but the government has fewer firearm regulations than anti-terrorism regulations (Cole 100). Cole expresses that firearms result in 20,000 yearly deaths, yet the government has failed to step in and enforce stringent firearm laws, and instead has enforced strict anti-terrorism laws. Now, with the rise of firearm regulations, citizens are claiming that new laws will violate their fourth amendment right, but the current anti-terrorism laws in place infringe upon far more than one amendment and are far more uncalled for that firearm security. The government has enforced many new laws that not only are unnecessary but also infringe upon citizen’s civil liberties in various manners.
Post-9/11 anti-terrorist precautions also infringed on civil liberties by creating laws that treated citizens incorrectly in a court setting. In America, courts have the ability to determine citizen’s civil rights and the status of the violations against a citizen’s civil rights (World Book 603). Since courts theoretically determine both citizen’s initial civil rights and the infringement upon those rights, citizens are currently guaranteed no rights. In a court of law, only affluent criminals would be able to afford a lawyer to fight for their client to be tried based on the rights they are constitutionally granted. Te new anti-terrorism bill enacts the theory of guilty by association, which has been attempted previously and has resulted in disastrous effects (Cole 100). The government is not truly providing citizens with aid; instead, it is creating a system that makes innocence impossible to prove after the accusation of terrorism has been made. The new bill also states that, “the Secretary of State could designate any foreign group as ‘terrorist’, and it would then become a crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison, to support that group’s lawful activities” (Cole 100). The word terrorist has little meaning despite the horrible that accompany being labeled as one because terrorists can be anyone who the Secretary of State claims is one. Terrorism has become a major concern within the United States of America and has resulted in the destruction of rights that were...

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