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American Civil War Essay

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Section A:
The purpose of this investigation is to evaluate the factors that led to the American Civil War. The investigation will be separated into three different factors, economics, politics and social. Also it will cover the difference of economy in the northern and southern sides of America. The dissimilarity of the political parties each side follows, plus the problem of slavery which led to social injustice were a major factor that led to the Civil War. These social, political and economical reasons were the main cause of tension that was faced between the union and confederacy that led to the civil war. This investigation will contain an evaluation of the origin, purpose, value, ...view middle of the document...

All their economy was relied on the cotton and slaves (Folsom).
• The northern followed a different strategy in order to increase their economy, they didn’t rely on slaves neither did they rely on cotton. Their economy was based on industry. They were buying raw cotton and altering them into supplies.
• Northern believed that the south were doing a wrong thing, having slaves do hard labor and face a life full of hardships and challenges. This difference between the sides created a change in their economy which made it a factor to the start of the Civil War (Etcheson).
• Two different party lines. Democrats and the Republicans, ages ago the civil war the two parties made a huge disconnection in the country. Additionally the case of slavery was a huge political disagreement between the two parties.
• The Kansas-Nebraska Act was one of the leading factors of the civil war which over lined an earlier negotiation. Missouri became a 24th state, agreed over the negotiation. The Act was achieving whether or not slavery is needed in Missouri. This created a huge tension.
• Charles Sumner was assassinated in his office, and the reason was he believed what's going on was a crime against Kansas.
• The DredScott conclusion in 1857 needed to put a stop on the case of slavery that started from a long time ago. His decision was a law that states no law could take away a property that is owned by a person without certain procedures. Tension started to rise because of this law, therefore an election was held in 1860 and Abraham Lincoln a republican was under the idea of "against slavery". The blacks that were working increased from being 60,000 in 1790 to 500,000in 1860 ( Etcheson).
• Rebellion held by John Brown in 1859 against the south. (Kirby).
• Injustice and racial discrimination.
• According to the Southerners, life of slaves was good because were sheltered and were provided with good living status and jobs.
• Fredrick Douglass, black citizen spoke up (Etcheson).

Section C:

1. Grimsley, Mark. "The Social Dimensions of the U.S. Civil War." - FPRI. Wachman Center, June 2007. Web. 07 Apr. 2014.

This article is written by Mark Grimsley which is an American associate Professor majoring in history at the Ohio State University. He also wrote a book called And Keep Moving On: The Virginia Campaign: May-June 1864 and The Hard Hand of War: Union Military Policy Toward Southern Civilians, 1861-1865. This article is from his presentation that was held in March 24-24, 2007 at Teaching to speak about the Military is American History. This is a valuable source because the article was written after his presentation in a couple of months and it appeared in the Foreign Policy Research Institute. It was also supported by Cantigny First Division Foundation and the Annenberg Foundation. Mostly it focused on what happened in the war with the military, it gave a high description on what the military did. However some limitations to this source...

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