American Corporations And Internet Pornography Essay

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American Corporations and Internet Porn

   In this essay, we shall consider the so-called "reputable" mainstream American companies that are reaping huge profits from Internet porn, as well as related considerations.


Marriott, Westin, and Hilton are known for their pornographic video deliveries to paying rooms, a practice which Omni Hotels discontinued when confronted by the American Family Association. On the other hand, Internet porn companies like Yahoo! In its x-rated Geocities sites, was not intimidated by AFA's threats. Instead, it took US Attorney General Ashcroft's strong action to intimidate Yahoo! into only a partial-withdrawal from Internet porn. However, Yahoo! Still retains marginally pornographic material on websites.


AT&T is the biggest American company that has accommodated itself to the pornography boom. Its cable division, AT&T Broadband, distributes to subscribers the explicit porn channel, The Hot Network; and this has unfortunate repercussions in the world of Internet pornography. In the spring of 2001, an interfaith coalition of religious leaders brought their concerns about AT&T's connection to porn directly to the top at AT&T. Cardinal William Keeler, co-chairman of the Religious Alliance Against Pornography, met with AT&T Chairman C. Michael Armstrong, and told him, "Ma Bell shouldn't be selling smut." Keeler says that "when a company like AT&T, which has won the hearts and allegiance of so many, gets into this business, it's a way of legitimating it, saying it's OK, it's alright. That's the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval we don't want to see put on this kind of business."


The company has publicly stated its position. It says that competitive pressures with companies like General Motors, which owns rival service DirecTV, are keeping AT&T in the porn business. General Motors owns the national satellite distribution service DirecTV, which channels pornography into millions of American homes for a nice profit. This also impacts the Internet pornography situation. Three adult movie channels packaged and owned by Vivid Entertainment Group were carried in 4 million homes each month...

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