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The September 11 attack is one of worst day for all Amercians in the history. For all we know, people are very fear and concerns about terrorism after 911 terrorist attacks, and also the problem of terrorism becomes an international affair that every country very focus on this problem. The book called “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” by Mohsin Hamid describes a young man who comes from Pakistan live in America for a few years and he went though 911 attacks. He had different life experience and culture experience before 911 arracks and after attacks. Before 911 attacks, he was a guy just seem like other foreign students have the same dream which is “ American Dream” and he also did very great on his academic and work life but after 911 attacks everything changes. He realized that the cultural difference make him so confused about his current situation. After he goes through a tough inner battle, he gives up all things that he has in America and move back to his country. When he meets a stranger in Lahore and he talks about his American life and his emotional change after 911 attacks. At the meanwhile the author uses the way of open-ending to let reader think about their own ending and also he presents to us three reflection based on this whole book, the first reflection is a critique of postcolonial perspective of orientalism, the second one is the postcolonial perspective of cultural identity, and the last one is the postcolonial perspective of reflection for 911 attacks.
For the first reflection about a critique of postcolonial perspective of orientalism, there are too many examples show this reflection in this book. For example, before 911 attacks, many people who are same like Changez come to America with their “American Dream”, and he has a great work and life in New York city and maybe after a few years he would be successful just like those successful people who create American Dream. After these years Changez changes many thoughts and habits of the East just for let him gets more closed with local people. when he came back to his hometown for visiting his family, he thinks his house is a dilapidated house and even he was shamed-the quote from book “ I was saddened to find it in such a state-no, more than saddened, I was shamed. This was where I came from, this was my provenance, and it smacked of lowliness. (124)”. This example presents Changez totally accept American traditional value and life style and also he doesn't feel he actually comes from eastern country. After 911 attacks, his stand was shift to opposite way and everyone looks him as terrorist because his religion and his look. After this situation appears, he was confused his identity and also feel not comfortable when he stays with American colleague. This stitudation presents American have two sidedness of immigration policy which are they accept and let people who are outstanding stay but after 911 attacks, America uses the cultural hegemony to expel those people. The...

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