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American Culture: Religion And The Romanticism Movement

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American Culture: Religion and the Romanticism Movement

For decades, religious aspects have constantly changed, been opposed, and have also influenced the American Culture. Much controversy is involved in religion because of the effect it has on the nation and how it reflects upon significant political figures. From early to mid-1800, Romanticism, a period involving literature, art, and theoretical ideas, impacted America as well, although it originated in Europe. Religion and Romanticism helped innovate diversity in culture, contoured virtual concepts, and promoted an emergence in the improvement of America as a nation.
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A lot of poetry allowed others to explore through their feelings and connect to literacy and furthermore, the poet. As people were being able to relate to those who shared the same beliefs, expressed similar feelings, and held on to comparable values which all came from different sources, diversity was forming and had become just as big as the concepts themselves.
What started out as an artistic movement in France and Britain, spread and shaped an immense amount of society’s perspective. After the French Revolution took place in late 1780’s, Romanticism began to develop as a response to Enlightenment (MMOA). At the time, virtual concepts such as art, nature, and almost all things that involved emotion expanded rapidly. Romantic artists often viewed violence as an embodiment of nature and expressiveness. From the eighteenth-century to the nineteenth-century, the power of nature was thought of as the most powerful possession the world had to offer. Through literature and more importantly, graphic arts, innovations were rendering. As stated in America: A Narrative History, “Romanticism was flowering in virtually every area of American cultural life—in poetry, in fiction, in art. It was a very powerful force in shaping the contours of American life. Enlightenment rationalism and Romanticism both became powerful currents in shaping the contours of American thought and culture throughout the 19th century.” America began to look deeper into cultural life because it truly enlightened people and was a huge part of defining identity. As these ideas sustained, the spiritual and sentimental side of Americans began to reveal.
Principles and regulations of American culture were set in a sense that was influential towards other cultures that were not yet exposed to religion or Romanticism. Through multiple centuries, the philosophies shared by these concepts remain solid and help mold values that were not there prior to their marking. Religion, often times, gave many people thought-provoking questions as to morals and even life ethics. It became essential and pushed people to understand how significant it is to believe in something other than what can be seen by the naked eye. In an article of A Brief Guide to Romanticism, it is stated that, “Romantic poets cultivated individualism, reverence for the natural world, idealism, physical and...

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