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American Diabetes Association Essay

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The American Diabetes Association is an organization founded in 1940. It was founded by physicians to help research and find ways to fight diabetes. The ADA now is a large organization that consists of 90 offices in the United States. The main focus of the ADA is to help cure people affected with diabetes and to help provide the best lifestyle for the people through research programs by providing information to the victims, the families of the victims and to the public. The ADA provides a number of programs and activities that are supported by many physicians, research scientist, companies, and communities. The mission for the association is to provide the best life they can for individuals diagnosed with any type of diabetes.

History of the ADA
The American Diabetes Association was founded by 30 physicians in 1940. For many years, the association consisted of only physicians working together to research diabetes and find ways to cure it. 30 years after the association was created, the founders came together and reorganized the association to where any person could become a member to help create expansion, help research and to provide more quality of life to the victims. Today, the American Diabetes Association is labeled as one of the top non-profit charity organizations in America with around 100 total organizations to help fight diabetes. The main location is in Alexandria, Virginia and it has around 90 different offices branched throughout the United States to provide support to anyone in any part of the United States.

About Diabetes
Diabetes is a disease that is very common in the world. Early detection of diabetes can significantly decrease the risk of it getting worse throughout a person’s life. There are symptoms that can indicate to someone that they may be diagnosed with diabetes.
• Urinating Frequently
• Constant Fatigue
• Constantly Thirsty
• Constantly Hungry although you eat often
• Wounds that heal very slowly
• Blurry Vision
• Weight loss although you eat often
• Numbness in hands and feet

Types of Diabetes
There are 3 types of diabetes: Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational.

Type 1
Type 1 diabetes is diagnosed to children and young adults. It is sometimes referred to as juvenile diabetes and about 5% of the people are diagnosed with this type of the disease. Type 1 diabetes means that the body does not produce insulin, a hormone in the body needed to convert sugar, starches, and other food in the body to produce energy needed to maintain life. By inserting insulin into the body, most young children and adults learn to manage the diabetes and continue to fulfill their everyday life practically normal.
Type 2
Type 2 diabetes is the most common type diagnosed to people. It causes the blood sugar levels in your body to rise much higher than normal. Your body doesn’t use insulin properly to support your high sugar levels which is called insulin resistance. Victims receive treatment,...

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