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American Dream, "The Great Gatsby", "American Beauty" (Film) Freedom & Power, Greed, Isolation & Failure

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The American Dream is an abstract ideal that human beings live by. The appeal of this ideal is that chasing the dream leads to freedom and power for the individual. However, through the study of the texts The Great Gatsby by Francis S. Fitzgerald and American Beauty directed by Sam Mendes, we have learnt these rewards do not come without unrespectable consequences such as greed, isolation and failure.Greed, isolation and failure can be grouped into the term corruption as it is also corruption that is the consequence of chasing the American Dream. This downfall can be seen in Jay Gatsby's high expectations. His pedestalling of 'his' dream Daisy is an example of both isolation and greed. Before he encounters Daisy, Gatsby is simply an enigma to readers as he "stands at the top of the staircase looking down on his guests" and isolates himself at his grand parties. As his dream becomes more of a reality as he meets Daisy we learn that he has pedestaled her to the point where his expectations are unachievable. Even Daisy points this out to Gatsby - "Oh you want too much! ... I love you now - isn't that enough?"The concept of living a fake life with unreal expectations is reinforced in American Beauty. The character Lester contrasts Gatsby in this aspect of the Dream as Lester aspires for not materialism, rather a life 'worth' living as he describes himself - "I feel like I've been in a coma for the past twenty years and I'm now just waking up.". The 'woken' Lester Burnham is more accepted by viewers than the 'coma' induced Lester simply because he is not corrupt. Lester's counterpart and wife, Carolyn is less accepted as she shows her love for materials and status. Her relationship with real estate "king" Buddy proves this desire that is stronger than her desire to try fixing problems with Lester. We see a small glimpse of patching up the marriage when Lester begins seducing Carolyn on the couch but is stopped as she kills the moment by warning he is about to spill his drink and scolding him how it is "not JUST a couch". Out of pure frustration, Lester shows good character by rebutting, "This isn't life, this is just stuff. And it's become more important to you than living."However, chasing the Dream does not mean one will not achieve it. Tom Buchanan and his household for example is well established indicating he has achieved his objective in life. The facade that is his physical description and the "effeminate swank of his riding clothes" reinforce his achievements in life to responders. The fact that "men at New Haven hated his guts" does not mean he has not achieved his Dream, it is simply a consequence - whether enduring consequences like Tom's is worth the Dream, it is a different issue.The dislike readers have towards Tom is similar to the dislike viewers have for Buddy as the two have parallel roles. Like Tom, Buddy has seemingly achieved the Dream as a successful real estate agent even adopting the fitting name "Real Estate King". He also has...

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