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4How much can you learn from the traditional education system? It's a one size fits all kind of deal at the moment. Education is important, but so is an effective way of learning. What's wrong with America, among many things, is it's education system. Learning should be exciting and you should grow from your experiences. Education in America needs to change because there is no more enjoyment, effectiveness, or benefit from the learning process.Did you know American education is considered an oxymoron? It seems ridiculous but very fitting if you really think about it. Today's typical school day consists of kids herding from one class to another waiting to finally go to lunch. As they sit in those classrooms receiving lecture after lecture, very few students are actually benefiting from what the teacher is saying. This is such an ineffective way to learn, to enjoy learning, and to grow from learning.You must be wondering what you can do to help. All you have to do is push towards a more innovative way to learn. A way that exercises a students imagination by giving them control in how they learn. No group of people will have all of them same skills that's just expected out of them because the government said so. A group of students has a vast difference in strengths and weaknesses so to expect them to be exactly the same is just outrageous.Sure, standardized testing helps you come up with a number so you can rank students based on their "intelligence." Just think of what some of those student went through to get there. Staying up late to finish homework is way more common nowadays. This pressure put on kids to participate in extracurricular activities is sometimes too much. A lot of frustration, anxiety, and stress build up as the school year ensues. The problem with this is that "the traditional education system seems to have at least 20 different methods for helping a student's self-esteem plummet (Almeda)." Think of how many students are staying up late to finish something school related because they're either swamped with homework, or they had practice or a club meeting which prevents them from having time to sleep. Less sleep means less focus in the classroom and with this system of teaching that would only make things worse.Some students struggle with learning this way, especially boys. A boy might think he might be falling behind because he's dumb and can't learn anything....

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