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American Education And Its Possibilities         Throughout The Years America Has

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American Education And Its Possibilities Throughout the years America has been trying to improve its education system. I believe that in American education, the ability to enable student's diverse backgrounds the means to develop their abilities is very much a possibility. Throughout the country professionals have been trying to figure out what the best means to accomplish success would be, but have come up empty handed. I believe some simple ways to complete this hard task would be cutting down on class sizes, having longer school hours and longer class periods, and equipping every student with a tutor if he or she need extra help. With the cutting down of class sizes children with learning disorders will have a much easier time concentrating and less time chatting with fellow students. During my middle school days I had the disorder called "ADD", also known as attention deficit disorder. Whenever I was put into large classes I would find myself easily distracted by my fellow students and had a hard time keeping up with the pace of the class. As soon as I was put into a smaller class, I found that I began to get better grades and the easier I found it was to concentrate on the teacher. If schools would add portable class rooms they would not have to waste as much money as they would reinvading the whole entire school. So with the cutting down of class sizes the chance for one on one attention would be much greater, and most likely students would be able to concentrate much easier, and the chance for success will be greater improved. School hours should be lengthened and with that change class times would be lengthened. Also I have found that throughout many schools in America the class hours are very short, and it is very hard to learn a particular subject such as English if you come from another country. This would only become possible by shorting lunch and break times by ten minutes which would allowing class time to be lengthened, and by doing...

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