American Education System And How It Works

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Throughout the world education will vary and have different standards to what each individual person must meet. It all depends on what priorities that specific educational system contains and what process it follows. The American educational system is very complex and has a lot of standards and requirements that must be followed in order for each individual to have a fair chance at equal education. How the educational system is operated is very important because it can affect many people.
Too many people that have not researched the American educational system it will come as a shock to know that it is not a national education system. This means that each state is able to decide its own school policy that it will set as its standard while also developing its own curriculum. Each state has its own department of education that is responsible for hiring school personal, determining the budget of schools, and the school attendance of students. In order for students to be able to further their education graduation requirements for each level of Elementary, Middle, and High School must be met. For example some schools require that a year of physical education must be completed no matter in what educational level the student maybe in. Core subjects are required throughout the states. These core subjects would be Math, Science and English. It is important for the students to receive these core subjects because it is the basis for a good education and the level of difficultness only increases as the student progresses through school. But it could also vary due to the fact that there are many private and public schools. Private schools having more funding than public schools sometimes offer higher level classes and do not cut programs like some public schools are forced to do because there is not enough funding. A benefit of this educational system though is that once the student reaches more advanced levels of education, such as college or universities. There will be a lot more options and opportunities for the student to expand their knowledge and work toward the career that they desire to obtain.
The American educational system is very different than many others around the world. For example the federal government has little involvement with the educational system and its budget. That responsibility falls under the state and local government of...

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