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The leaders of tomorrow are America’s children today. Numerous articles available on the internet report the decline in the American student’s ability to achieve high ranks in comparison with other countries’ around the world. Unfortunately, this downward trend has continued for years. The Federal Government decides the policies and curriculum for the American education system, this top-down approach is not producing the desired results. Many countries around the world have implemented unconventional approaches to education that are producing higher ratings than the United States. Forty years ago, Finland implemented an unconventional non-evaluative approach that is very successful and ...view middle of the document...

Many companies utilize the e-mail for communicating updates on projects, providing bids, and updates on daily job performance activities. For example, Charter communications expect the cable installers who they employ to provide daily e-mails regarding job completion and trouble call reports. Another example is in a sales environment, the delivery of the majority of sizable bids use email to communicate with prospective customers. Also in a teaching environment, much of the communication with parents and other members of the school faculty also utilize e-mail. Furthermore, there are fewer employment positions that do not utilize written communication as a primary form means of communication.
Currently, text messaging is a very popular way to communicate in people’s personal lives. In many instances, improper word choice and improper grammar attribute to conflict and misunderstanding. Frequently, a poorly written message is time consuming for the recipient to read and decipher the content, thus creating a situation where a misunderstanding is likely to occur. The ability to write capably can improve personal relationships by reducing miscommunication issues due to insensitive word choices and poorly written communications.
Importantly, how a person uses language in writing is an indicator of how a person well a person is able to communicate orally. Sometimes people make assumptions in regards to a person’s; intelligence, education level, and where they are from by the language they employ when writing and speaking. For example, if a person uses double negatives and incorrect word choices it does not give the impression that the person is in possession of a quality education. Consequently, these errors in language may detract from the image and message the person is attempting to communicate.
Moreover, in a university...

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