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In sixteenth century, a lot of Indians migrated to states all over America. There were many wars between Indians and white men at that time. A prominent figure who was among representative of the Indians brought friendly relations with white settlers was Pocahontas. She was Powhatan Indian woman who befriended the settlers and married John Rolfe, the Jamestown settler, Virginia. In my opinion, Pocahontas was a compassionate little girl, a peaceful ambassador and a typical Christian Indian woman.
Pocahontas was extremely gracious and mild girl. She helped the settlers out of famine, disease and Indian attacks. Sometimes, she bore some foods to aid the hard-pressed settlers. I think Pocahontas was invaluable friend to the colonists; she not only empathized with their desperate situation but also attempted to provide them with corn and fish. During that time, Pocahontas came to Jamestown as an emissary of her father. This would be a difficult issue to explain why she helped the colonists who might take her land at once. If I were Pocahontas, I would not assist them because they came to my land, they could take over my land whenever they wanted. But Pocahontas was so generous and full of mercy. She also saved Captain John Smith-who led a small group of colonists in an expedition- from the death. While the settlers were exploring the land, Indians quickly overtook them, killing everyone except Smith. After that, Smith was taken back to Powhatan’s residence as a prisoner. He was declared guilty and sentenced to death. Before Smith was killed, Pocahontas ran forward and covered his body with her own. Then, Smith was released, Pocahontas and Smith became friends. It was possible that without her intercession, Smith would have been killed. Although this was not the first time the Captain had been saved by a beautiful young woman. Smith also stated his life used to be saved by a Turkish princess while he was fighting in Hungary and captured. In this circumstance, Pocahontas was also known as a heroine. She broke the rule of her father when she saved and became friends with the colonist. She was not fearful while they were able to take advantage of her anytime. Otherwise, they could set a trap so that Pocahontas fell into it. She was really calm and enthusiastic; she did not think about complicated affairs which might fare badly. I admired her to be brave woman, but she’d better have a think before her decision. Because helping people is meaningful, sometimes it is made to betray us. So I always consider before helping someone if I do not know who they are. Eventually, Pocahontas was kind-hearted, tolerant and open-minded Indian woman. She deserved a heroine that everyone ought to follow.
At that time, Pocahontas also symbolize a piece of peace, she blew fresh atmosphere into oppressive space in Jamestown. She had fallen in love with John Rolfe – a successful tobacco planter in Jamestown. In the spring of 1613, English Captain Argall took Pocahontas...

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Pocahontas Essay

1143 words - 5 pages went to America and became a settler in Virginia. John Rolfe became recorder and secretary general of the colony. He remarried to a woman named Jane Pierce and had a daughter born the year of 1620 named Elizabeth Pierce. The colony John Rolfe was in got attacked by Opechancanough its said that 350 people were killed in just an hour. Rolfe died during this incident. As you can see Pocahontas isn’t the girl you thought she was. She is an Indian princess who has made history. There is lots of important things left out from Disney movies. And people should know the real reason why Pocahontas is part of our history.

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3220 words - 13 pages /Poca.POCAHO~1.html. Summer 1998. Morenus, David. “The Real Pocahontas." Morton, Charlene. “Pocahontas Film Review.” Mossiker, Frances. Pocahontas: the Life and the Legend. New York: Da Capo Press, 1996. “Movie Reviews." The Journal of American History. (1995): 1302-5. “Pocahontas Myth." Rosenzweig, Illene. “And Disney Created Woman." Allure (June 1995): 81-83. Thomas, Rick. History of Christianity in North America. Chicago: U of Chicago P, 1986: 1-16.

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621 words - 2 pages by Pocahontas' coming befor her father's stoe club ans Smith's head is shown in bother versions as well.While Disney made an inaccurate cartoon based on history, I still believe an overall storyline was successfully achieved. However, I do not believe this film is or could be aducational. In conclusion, Disney's angle and portrayal of Pocahontas is truly distorted.

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