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American History: President James K. Polk

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Even though he experienced difficult times at the beginning of his life, James K. Polk played a key role as the 11th President of America in the 1800s. Polk is considered to be the best one-term President in American history.
James k. Polk was born on November 2, 1795, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He is the son of Samuel Polk, a deist, a slaveholder, a successful farmer and a surveyor of Scots-Irish descent and Jane Polk, a Presbyterian. James was taken to be baptized when he was an infant but his father refused to declare his belief in Christianity so the minister refused to baptize him. James was the oldest child out of his five brothers and four sisters and at an early age ...view middle of the document...

S. House of Representatives from Tennessee’s Sixth District. He remained there for 10 years until he was elected Speaker of the House in 1835. He had the support of Andrew Jackson and remained as Speaker of the House until 1839. Polk became Andrew Jackson’s strongest supporter in the House and fought to kill the Second Bank of the United States. Whatever Jackson supported so did Polk. Jackson treated Polk like his own son and Polk was given the nickname of “ Young Hickory”.
Polk left the House in 1839 and it wasn’t until 1845 that he returned to politics. In 1844 Polk became America’s first “Dark Horse Candidate”. He was named this because he unexpectedly became the Democrats’ nominee for President. Polk ran against U.S. Senator Henry Clay who was the founder of the Whig party. The Whigs even used the campaign slogan “ Who is James K. Polk” as an allusion to the fact that Polk was not well known outside the world of politics. Polk received many of his supporters and voters by favoring the annexation of Texas. He ended up winning the presidency with 49.5 percent of the popular vote and an electoral margin of 170-105. At the age of 49, Polk was younger than any other previous president that entered the Whitehouse. As President Polk had four major goals: cut tariffs, reestablish an independent U.S. Treasury, secure the Oregon Territory and acquire the territories of California and New Mexico from...

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