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American History Up Front Morale Essay James Madison University History 225 Essay

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James A. Ulio defines morale for a soldier as “both a quality and a condition of the mind, of the body, of the spirit.” In the novel Up Front, Bill Mauldin analyzes how important morale is from an American soldier’s point of view. Sergeant Leland Duvall’s letters to his betrothed, Letty, from overseas also discuss the significance of morale many times. However, the soldiers fighting were not the only people who required morale during wartime. From a different point of view, J. Howard Miller’s famous Rosie the Riveter “We Can Do It!” propaganda painting attempts to boost morale for everyone on the home front. High morale from both fronts was essential to winning World War II and can be seen in Up Front, the letters to Letty, and Rosie the Riveter. 
            In Bill Mauldin’s novel, Up Front, the idea of your average, everyday soldier’s morale is very prevalent throughout. He often discusses this theme by mentioning different ways a soldier coped with the war that kept him in the right state of mind. One way that helped this was reading in their free time—sometimes because they enjoyed it and most times because it was all they had to do. Reading would sidetrack a soldier’s mind to where they really wanted to be, somewhere else, anywhere but the warfront. They would read magazines and newspapers, some fictional stories or news from their hometown (Mauldin 18). Things like this would keep the soldiers hopeful of winning the war to return home, giving them a secure attitude. Soldiers also read mail and it was, “by far the most important reading matter that reaches soldiers overseas” (Mauldin 23). Mail could and would change the soldier who was receiving its whole outlook on the war; therefore, whoever was writing had to be very careful. Soldiers with low morale could not make it through combat because they had little motivation to stay alive or fight well. People would, “complain…or worry him or anger him in a hundred different ways which directly affect his efficiency and morale” (Mauldin 24). Since letters were the only ties a soldier still had with his home and the people who loved him, his life depended on mail and made all the difference (Mauldin 25). Because a soldier did not have close relationships following him to the infantry, they had to create new ones. “A soldier’s own outfit is the closest thing to home he has over here…” (Mauldin 127). Friends were very important to have, as they would keep a soldier in check, or sane, for that matter. Men lost friends every day at war. It would be a sad occasion, but knowing that they died for something gave the living soldier a sense of patriotism and drive to keep going because their friend could not (Mauldin 57). A bit unexpected was the religious services that gave a bold contrast to the battlegrounds they were held on. Nonetheless, religion and the chaplain who ministered kept up the spirits of the men. Mauldin says, “they often give the troops a pretty firm anchor to hold onto” (Mauldin 103)....

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