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American History X The Movie Morals And Point Of View Of The Movie.

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American History XAmerican History X is a profound and stirring drama about the consequences of urban racism as a family is torn apart by hate and racism. The movie is made with an opening look at the very real weak point of racism in America. The film follows Derek's (Edward Norton) struggle to reform himself and save his brother after living a life consumed by violence and racism. The story unfolds through the eyes of Danny Vineyard (Edward Furlong), who idolizes his older brother Derek no matter what he does.The movie starts off with Danny getting in trouble at school. Danny, who just happens to be a young skin head, was sent to the principle's office for turning in a school paper about Hitler titled Mein Kampf. The principle decides that as his punishment, Danny would have to write a paper on his older brother Derek. Danny has to write about the events that took place, that lead to his brother's incarceration; included in this paper he has to talk about how those events effected who he is today. Derek Vineyard, was a straight A student in high school. Derek was a perfectly normal child, who developed to be one of the most notorious skinheads in his town. The death of his father was a hard time in Derek's life that seemed to have triggered, his hate for other races that were not white. Derek showed good leadership skills, and was easily able to round up more troubled kids to join the skinheads. One night two black kids came to Derek's home, to try to steal his car. Danny warns Derek, so of course Derek goes out to confront them. Derek ends up killing both of the young black males, thus resulting in his three year incarceration. In prison Derek becomes friends with a black inmate, which is the reason for him reforming. Derek is raped and beaten by what her thought were his affiliate skinheads, just because he decides to voice his opinion and not agree with what they were doing, which was interacting with other races. Also because he becomes friends with a black inmate. When Derek is finally released from prison, he is shocked to see that his younger brother is headed right were he was. So Derek makes sure that his skinhead gang, called the D.O.C., knows that he's out for good, and he attempts to reform his brother. Derek was succeeding in reforming his brother, but in the end his brother was shot by a young black male.American History X is a great film that portrays prejudice, stereotyping and conformity. Prejudice is negative attitudes toward others based on their gender, religion, race, or membership in a particular group. Prejudice involves beliefs and emotions that can turn into hatred. Having an opinion or idea about a member of a group without really knowing that individual is a part of prejudice. Some people make judgments about a whole group of people without knowing very much about them. Sometimes people are afraid of those who seem different from them and unfortunately, they express that with name-calling and negative treatment. When...

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