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Every film can be related back to socially significant issues that occurred during the time it was released. Some are more related than others. Film is not created in a vacuum, something in the world is always influencing filmmakers, showing up in the movies that they make. Film makers tend to include similar traits of current society or country ideals or beliefs in order for the audience to be able to relate to the film. Some of those include the American dream, family, corruption, divorce, and crime. If a director decides not include current social issues than it becomes harder for an audience to relate to the film because they will not be able to connect to the characters and get into ...view middle of the document...

Our main character is also shown interacting and being involved with his family. In a scene where Irving comes home he tucks his son into bed and spends some time with him. Our American beliefs are something we hold dear. They are our strong beliefs these include family and the American dream. Without our American beliefs being portrayed in the film loses its current cultural relevance.
Social issues are the main reason why people don’t get along or they get into trouble with the law or their family. Many social issues are shown in American Hustle. A major social issue that is constant throughout the film is corruption. From the very begging are main character is corrupting people who need loans that can’t get loans by promising them a loan but never actually gets them the money he promised them. Another example of corruption occurring is when the mayor gets involved with taking bribes trying to open up casinos in Atlantic City. In this scene the mayor has a meeting and is slid a brief case of money in order to get things going for setting up the casinos. Corruption still exists today in the world, an example of corruption occurring today is the Governor Christie bridge scandal were a lane of traffic was shut down because it was supposed to stop the supposed democrats from going across the bridge in a timely manner. Ironically this occurred in the same state as the film was set in. Both of the crimes ironically occurred in New Jersey. Corruption occurs all the time and is a major social issue that people face in the world and is why American Hustle socially significant film.
Current culture is reflected in many films through many different forms. One of those forms captured is divorce. Divorce seems to have been intentionally brought up as a problem in our current culture and can be a common occurrence through people’s lives, especially in today’s day and age where it seems like so many people are getting a divorce. The main character in the movie, Irving marries a widow who lost her original husband and takes her and her son in as his own. Throughout the movie he struggles whether or not to get a divorce from his wife but decides to stay with her. The main reason he stays is because of her son that he loves and doesn’t want to leave him alone with her because he thinks she is crazy. But at...

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