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American Ideals Essay

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When American Congress passed the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendment, African Americans rejoiced everywhere. It equalized their rights with everybody else’s rights. These were the first steps in African American freedom. After the civil war happened, American needed to be rebuilt from all the losses and damages. A big part of being rebuilt was passing the Thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth amendment. These amendments were known as the Reconstruction amendments. These amendments benefited former slaves, and everybody of a different race or color. It granted them, Liberty, equality, and rights. The thirteenth amendment connects to liberty because it freed the slaves. The ...view middle of the document...

Equality means that everyone is treated and valued equally. So, this connects to the American ideal of equality because the guaranteed that everyone has equal protection from the law, regardless of anything. Equality means that everyone is treated and valued equally. So, it insured everyone had equal protection from the law. This was another step in insuring everybody had equality, and building a better democracy (Which is also one of the five founding American ideals.)
The last of the reconstructing amendments was the fifteenth amendment, and this was ratified in 1870. This amendment said that citizens shall not be denied the right to vote regardless of race, color, or “previous condition of servitude.” Congress was debating the rights of millions of black former slaves, but considering how the other two reconstructing amendments had already been passed which granted them liberty and equality, they thought they would make this amendment. This amendment gave everybody the right to vote. So basically, if you were a former slave, or any other race, you could still vote. Everybody now had...

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