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American Influence Promotes Canadian Identity Essay

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From the start of the 1920's, Canadians have faced a considerable amount of threat towards the Canadian culture from it's American neighbours. For Canada, living so close causes a concern on Canadian identity from American implementation, however, being in a close relationship with the States, it has also promoted Canadian culture. An examination of the nation's success with CBC from America's involvement in the airwaves, Canadian nationalism is promoted through Hockey Night in Canada and the establishment of the National Film Board during the growth of American entertainment industries, will clearly prove that American influence has not diminished Canadian identity but in fact has ...view middle of the document...

It was “dedicated into promoting Canadian talent, and to developing and exposing Canadians to more of their own high-quality music... and its commitment to high production-value Canadian dramas and original Canadian series.” (“Everyone, Every Way”) CBC created employment opportunities for musicians, commissioned Canadian compositions and encouraged Canadian artists to create a wide range of musical acts and genres. Another reason why CBC was so successful was because the program made Canadians and other listeners more aware of its cultural pursuit. CBC “safeguarded, enriched and strengthened the cultural, political, social and economics fabric of Canada.”(“Music at the CBC”) It provided a public service that took a role of development, promotion, and propagation of Canada's music background through many radio programs. Canada was able to develop a secure identity through incentives such as the protection and promotions of the arts and culture that showed the nation's determination in creating a civilization augmented by the arts that differentiates from other cultures. Consequently, through this medium, CBC has helped Canada fulfil its aspirations in becoming an independent, successful, and unified country.
Hockey has always been considered a part of the Canadian culture, it is a certain idea of masculinity and articulates a sense of place and affiliation with what is to be Canadian in a growing country that is greatly influenced by Americanization. In particular, Hockey Night in Canada was greatly popularized in the 20's, it was the program that defined Canadian culture. Canadian high performance sporting programs and achievements were articulated and recreated through CBC productions with elite athletes that clearly increased attention to amateur sport. Furthermore, not only did Hockey Night in Canada define Hockey as Canadian culture, it also promoted Canadian identity. The CBC radio networks were “able to capture much larger audiences for their regular coverage of Canadian sports, notably hockey, which bolstered one of the few pan- Canadian sources of identity in the country.” (Rutheford) In regards to Rutheford's statement, the popularity of the radio show across Canada made it obvious for early Canadian television programming that resulted to continue drawing more listeners in from the United States familiarizing them with Canadian sports and culture. Additionally, Hockey Night in Canada shaped Canadian sports broadcasting and transcended differences in Canadian society, bringing Canadians across the regions closer together. It greatly interconnected sports and programming, assisting the CBC in its overall level of Canadian programming as a national service broadcaster and generated more audience interest. Hockey Night in Canada unified 33 million Canadians despite being split by political and language differences. Overall, revolving around the production of programmed sports, it played a crucial role in the cultural structure by shaping...

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