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American Nationalism Essay

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American nationalism was the greatest by-product of the War of 1812 and became very important in U.S. politics as well as American social life between 1815 and 1836. American nationalism manifested itself in many different ways that was unlike the nationalism found in Europe. America has always been very much of a melting pot of different cultures in contrast to Europe. American nationalism was founded in everything from social to economic and political issues.
Socially, nationalism was established in arts such as literature and painting. An American arts culture arose and American writers began to gain international recognition. Even magazines began to have American values and principles within them. Americans, heightening the nationalistic vibe, developed all kinds of publications for Americans, instead of having British publications. American paintings became popular as the Hudson River School of Painting was established. Within the American arts, the native landscapes were often a strong focal point.
Economically, an American banking system was created. The Bank of the United States was developed. The American System was also developed, bringing the first bits of American industrialization. American factories could now produce goods “made in America” instead of having to ship raw materials over seas. Congress passed the Tariff of 1816 in order to protect these blossoming factories from European competition. The American System had three main components—a strong banking system, a strong transportation system, and a system of taxation. A strong banking system was essential because the goal was to grant mortgages and economic capital needed for Westward expansion. A thriving system of banking ensured the financial support necessary to complete this without going bankrupt. A strong transportation system was also fundamental to survival in the West, as it would transport the necessary goods from East to West and vice versa. Taxation was needed because while Americans were manufacturing goods here, they were still more expensive than Britain-shipped goods. Tariffs were placed so that Americans would be...

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