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American Paint Horse And The Equestrian Sport Application Essay

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It Takes a Team with Passion
When I first purchased my horse it was my goal to be able to compete under the lights and banners and in the arenas that make up the World Show. I know that the competition is stiff and that every competitor wants the same thing, to take home the World Champion title. Every time I receive my new APHA journal I flip through the pages in awe of all of the horses and riders that compete at this level each year setting my sights on obtaining that goal myself. In the 2012 issues I read of a new opportunity, the world games. I knew as soon as I had read about the opportunity I would be applying for the 2014 games for my last year as a youth. I am very passionate about ...view middle of the document...

These two events are very fascinating to me and it would be an honor for me to be able to represent team USA in either of these events.
I know that from my past competitions I will bring a lot to Team USA in either of these disciplines. Leading up to the games I will continue to practice, study and work with horses that are not my own in both of these areas so that I will be competitive once I get to the world show. I would be determined and honored to represent team USA in the world games to my best ability.
I have learned from competing for multiple years that riding horses is a team effort and through the American Paint Horse Association I have created friendships even among my competitors. With the world games being a team competition I would look forward to being able to work with a group of individuals who share the same passion as me and being able to support them as they go to compete in their events. I believe one of the most important things I could contribute to the team is my willingness to serve those around...

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