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American Problems Essay

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The United States has strived to be the strongest and most free democracy in the world, even though the United States truly is a republic. As a nation the United States have faced many issues that has greatly divided the nation, but we as a nation have been able resolve the most pressing of them. Today we face new issues that seem to cut deeper and push us farther apart.
There are many issues facing the United States. There true importance is widely debated, but some of the more prevalent are climate change, including droughts and severe weather, energy independence, income inequality, and governance equality. The most hotly debated among these issues is whether or not climate change or ...view middle of the document...

Political action committees or PACs contribute millions to elect the congressmen or women that they know will vote for or against legislation that benefits or detracts from their company or even their line of business. Recently these PACs and other wealthy donors to political campaigns have won a major battle. The Supreme Court justices ruled 5-4 that the limits on the total amount of money donors can give to candidates, committees and political parties are unconstitutional. The limit on campaign contributions that was deemed unconstitutional was $123,000. $123,000 is well out of reach for any average American to donate to a political campaign. The income of the average American household is $51,017 less than half of the donation limit (By the Numbers). There are currently over 15 percent of Americans who are living in poverty with an income under $23,050(National Poverty Center), that’s less than one fifth of the limit that was deemed unconstitutional. The limit is unconstitutional, but what the PACs and the one percent are doing to the rest of the citizens should be. The PACs and large contributors are giving themselves a larger and larger voice in a congress that is supposed to be serving the people, not pandering to the wishes of the wealthy few. The limit on political donations acted as a way to keep the voices of all citizens equal.
This new era of inequality among Americans is not unprecedented. America has come from more divided times. After the civil war America was severely unequal, the south had a crippled economy that thrived on agriculture while the north was industrial and strong, the south had strong states’ rights views while the north favored a stronger central government, and the north. The turn of the century into the 1900’s saw the same issues that we are facing today, most predominant were income inequality and class inequality. In the early 1900’s the middle class was as small as it is today and business had more power than ever. We were able to rein in big business and expand the middle class then and we can do it again today, we just need a strong congress that isn’t afraid to go against the big business that...

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