"American Psycho" By Bret Ellis Misogyny: The Voice Of A Generation

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Misogyny is displayed in many different locations today in our generation. Misogyny is defined as "hatred or strong prejudice against women." (Hamilton 1) Misogyny is also portrayed in several forms of literature including American Psycho written by Bret Ellis. Rape can be round anywhere today in our generation because of egotistical individuals who find it to be acceptable. Patrick Bateman the protagonist from American Psycho enjoys raping females because he believes that women's role in society is to pleasure men. Females in society are being abused in every sort of way but especially verbally abused. The protagonist from American Psycho is infamous for verbally abusing females. Amisogynist might reach the ultimate stage of misogyny when he begins physically abusing females for no apparent reason. Bateman enjoys sexual intercourse with women and than after he is finished he satisfies himself by physically abusing these girls and than finally killing them. Misogyny is a very different issue to comprehend. It is challenging to understand a misogynist perspective on some things. The novel American Psycho is the voice of our generation through the depiction of misogyny.Our generation and American Psycho has to deal with several cases of rape. Rape is defined as forcing an individual to endure in sexual activity even though they do not want to participate. Patrick Bateman rapes several females through the progression of the novel. This is proven when he states, " I recognize Allison as a girl I did last spring... I had tied up her up with rope, slapped duct tape over her mouth. "(Ellis 209) This quotation proves that Bateman enjoys raping females and he gets extremely imaginable when it comes down to business. Rape is an issue that exists in our society today. A female who did not want to state her name says, " I was brutally raped by a man just because he didn't appreciate females, he forced me into having sex with him by brutally beating me until I couldn't handle it anymore and I surrendered". (Hamilton 3) This quotation proves that females today in society are being raped, most of these rape cases deal with a misogynist. Rape connects with misogyny perfectly because of a mysogynist believes that females should be their for them whenever they want. Every misogynist reaches the point in their life when they believe raping females is not wrong and should be allowed in society. This is the case when Paul Bernardo decided to rape innocent females to satisfy himself. Paul Bernardo is the perfect example of a misogynist that is unfortunately a part of our society. Paul Bernardo raped several innocent teenage girls to simply satisfy his sexual fantasies. Paul Bernardo can compare very well with Bateman because they both have an obsession with raping women. Misogyny and rape are closely linked to each other.Misogyny in our generation involves specificalky with verbal abuse cases. A misogynist always verbally abuses females because he doesn not appreciate...

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