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Television does much more then entertains its viewers. Reality shows has given the American people a bad reputation. The reality shows that Americans watch every day are also shown all over the world. For example, shows like Jersey Shore, The Real House Wives, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Hunny Boo Boo, and Duck Dynasty is representing Americans. The rest of the world sees Americans as childish, aggressive, spoiled, rich, dumb, disgusting, or/and as red necks.
First, is the show Jersey Shore, a show about a group of people who live in New Jersey and who only care about tanning, working out, and partying. In the show the people have made it an obsession with being tan until their skin is orange and then still keep on tanning. This is not true do to the fact that Americans see to much UV lights are harmful to them. This has made many foreign viewers have the idea that Americans have an obsession of being tan. This show has also given the viewers the perception that Americans do not know how to behave in public. An example, of the behavior problems is when they all went out to dinner and they all sat there arguing and insulting each other. However the producers have the actors do these type of things is because it helps the ratings for the show. Another inaccurate trait linked to Americans is that they are constantly working out and trying to look their best; even though many Americans try to look their best they don’t always make it an obsession to the point of always being at the gym or at a tanning booth. The final trait this show gave to Americans is the fact that they will constantly drink, party, and seek out sex with anyone. It has given the world the idea that Americans are a drunk, out of control, and sex craved society.
The second show is The Real House Wives a show about married women living in rich areas and how they live their lives. This show has given the world an image that all women in America are drunk, over emotional, chaotic, spoiled, rich girls, since in nearly every show that has aired the producers gave the women alcohol, mainly to the fact that alcohol increases emotional responses, unclear thinking, bad dissociation making and creates conflict. People in other countries may not realize that producers do this for ratings and then connect the behavior to all Americans drink every day and loses there sense of control. Then after the producers get them drunk, the women will then be much more emotional than they would normally, the American viewers love this; however, other viewer in other countries will see Americans unable to control their emotions and over react to every situation. Other trait viewers see is that the rich are able to receive what they want when they want; this gives the viewers in other country the idea that when Americans get rich that they are spoiled.
Thirdly, keeping up with the Keeping up with the Kardashians, is a show about a rich family. This show has made it seem that the women in America are...

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