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A Summary Of The American Revolution

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Between 1765 and 1783, tension grew fanatically. Due to being in a heavy debt from the Seven Year’s War, the British colonies tried to recover the lost by taxing the colonists. They impose the Stamp Act, which placed a tax on all paper documents. The colonist protested against this. The Stamp Act was repealed in 1766, only to have another tax sent out. Once more the colonist protested. When the British Empire still tried to apply taxes, the colonist stood in protest in Boston against British military men on March 5, 1770. Angry shouts turned into snowball throwing, possibly some snowballs filled with pebbles, the colonists were answered with whizzing bullets from the soldiers' guns. Three were killed on the spot, two soon followed due to their wounds. This became known as the Boston Massacre among the Thirteen Colonies.

In 1773, the British government created the Tea Act, not to raise revenue to pay off their debt from the Seven Year War, but to aid in bailing out the staggering East India Company. The act granted the company the right to ship its tea directly to the colonies without first landing it in England, and to commission agents who would have the sole right to sell tea in the colonies. According to this act “retained the duty on imported tea at its existing rate, but, since the company was no longer required to pay an additional tax in England, the Tea Act effectively lowered the price of the East India Company’s tea in the colonies.” Tea was the prime favorite merchandise in Britain, the colonists on the other hand did not have the same views as their British cousins. With the taxes placed on to the tea, it increases their dislike of both British and tea. However instead of angry voices and violence as they had done at the Boston Massacre, the Colonist instead tried a much less life threatening way to express their dislike. December 16, 1773 Samuel Adams leads the Sons of Liberty onto three ships in the Boston harbor, dressed as Native Americans. They then proceeded to dispose of three hundred and forty two containers of tea overboard in the seas, which today would be nearly 1,000,000 dollars lost to the British Government. As punishment to the colonists, the British Government passed the Coercive Act, or the Restraining Acts also known as Intolerable Act to Americans. The Intolerable acts included; the Boston Port Act, The Massachusetts Government act, Administration of Justice Act, and the Quartering act. The Boston Port Act was the first of the acts passed in response to the Boston Tea Party. Till the East India Company was repaid for the 1,000,000 dollars of teas thrown overboard and the king of Britain felt order had been restored, the port of Boston was to remain close. Colonists did not find this fair and objected. The Port Act was punishing all of Boston instead of just the individuals who were responsible for destroying the tea, and that they were being punished without having been given an opportunity to testify...

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