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American Revolution Research Paper.

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American RevolutionBefore The WarCAUSESSince America's origins, it has been destined for independence. It is hard to argue against the fact that the nation would eventually break off from Britain and become independent, but the question is how it happened when it did? There were a number of reasons for America wanting to claim independence from Great Britain, although the main ideals that started conflict were that American colonists wanted equality to citizens in Britain and, for the most part, Britain looked down on the colonies and viewed America only as a good prospect for trade and their mercantilist Economy.Since the year 1714, when George I came into power, until about 1750, America was put into salutary neglect, and the British rulers left them to develop mostly on their own for the better prosperity of England. This was Britain's first mistake with the colonies, and because of this American settlers began to develop a feeling of self-sufficiency and developed a culture that, although it had the influence of European culture, was distinctly independent. When this freedom was challenged by British Authority and they began again to try to take complete control over America, the settlers naturally rebelled.Another thing that happened during the development of America that greatly affected the people's view was The Enlightenment and Pietism. The Enlightenment brought new ideas such that we could control our own future and God did not control every single part of life. It brought more ideas of human understanding and a revival of science. Where the Enlightenment affected mostly upper-class colonists, Pietism affected the lower class citizens and brought about ideas that emphasized moral behavior and appealed to the heart, not the mind. These movements affected the thinking of people to be more independent and that they could take control of their own destiny.The French and Indian War, known in Europe as the Seven Years War, gave England control over all land east of the Mississippi and all of the French territory. But it also left England in a huge war debt. When they looked for ways to pay this debt, they automatically looked to the colonies in America. But what Britain failed to realize is that America would not tolerate taxes, and immediately after the taxes were imposed, rebellion began to emerge. Britain made attempts to reform its American colonies starting with The Currency Act(forbade paper money), The Sugar Act(end to triangular trade), the Stamp Act(funds for American defense), and other small taxes, which was meant with violent rebellion, boycott of British goods, and meetings with representatives to formally oppose the new taxes.Britain met this rebellion not as a sign to succumb to the wishes of the colonists, but rather as a sign to tighten their hold on the colonies and gain back complete control. The rebel colonists saw the taxes as unrepresented and believed that by being taxed they were letting themselves become slaves of the...

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