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American Rhino Essay

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It was one fine afternoon at Mt.Mansfield. The birds were chirping, The grass was green, but the sky was deep soulless gray. we were nearly at the top of the mountain when *BOOM* a speck of yellow flashes in the sky. then the tears of the god start to come down on us. “John, we should find some shelter and wait this out, before we continue to the cabin”, “alright” john agrees to.

3 hours later the rain stop luckily we found shelter under a sweet pine tree. The smell of the pine and the rain gave a sweet, soothing glories smell that would make your olfactory blow up in sensation. As we started up for the mountain I hear someone call my name like almost whispering it. “johnnnnn”........” johnnnnn”......” come here John, i'm over by the rock john”
I quickly rotate my head too the rock and see nothing. Jeana looks at me and asked what my problem was. “nothing, nothing thought I heard ...view middle of the document...

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. *snap* we look over to see an apple drop from the tree. We thought nothing of it as we went inside if the cabin. As we walked in, the first thing I noticed was a HOLY BIBLE with blood stains on it.
¨jenna calm down, its just a prank from the people that rented this before,¨ John said questionably.
After that incident, we decided we were hungry, so jenna started to cook some food.
As Jenna looks in the bag o’ food so see a head, a head of lettuce. As she bends down to look for something more appetizing she hears John quietly yelling her name so she yells back “what” .
“come outside and help me” John said softly .
she walks outside to see nothing but a…..a…...a…..a rhino.
she screams in terror as the rhino slowly guts her legs and she faints.

She woke up in John’s arms, running down the mountain as fast as he could. “Jenna you’ll be alright, just try to be calm” John said in a sacred questionable voice.
“John..Why can't I feel my legs¨ Jenna asked with a calm quiet voice.
¨jenna you don't have any legs¨,
Jenna fainted to the sound of that. She woke up to the sound of the doctor talking to her family members. She quickly gets up to see John in the bed next to her, she looks at him the way she never looks at him before, Disgusted. Then she thought to herself, I thought john was fine, he had me in his hands, he was getting me to safety who would of helped me,

The doctors walk in with this old hippy man, the doctor tells her tha this man help you to get to safety. When John was running you down the mountain, he seemed to slip in the mud and went tumbling down the mountain with you in his arms. And thats when me and my dog found you all tore up in a ditch. Jenna tries not to think about it. But the sound of it rushed to her head to fast, So she shut down.

John dies from an unknown injury to the head while Jenna goes into a coma for 6 months 3 weeks and 2 days. When Jenna woke up, she wakes up to the bad news John dies. Life then just went on from there Jenna dies alone 56 years later with 20 cats.

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