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Hi,I am a student at wayne county high school and i’m a junior here,well,when you receive this i’ll be a senior.Your teachers will be giving you probably the same assessment that they given me,have fun.To me romanticism is a very difficult and hard to understand unit,like i said before have fun.There are many great books,novels,poems,plays,screen writes,etc. that are in romanticism,but the ones that i’m about to talk about are to me the best so far that i have done,by now you guys might not have these or you have done them already or,you guys are waiting for answers sleeping in class while your teacher is talking to the class,sounds like me.Anyways this is all you need to know for the fear ...view middle of the document...

Love of nature this is one big part of the story cause native americans respect and love nature.If you remember,when they were out in the woods and were running to go and get something,they shot and killed the deer,but they thanked the deer and his abilites: they apreciate nature,not to dominate it.Another is Emphasis on emotion,When they found there friends house burned to the ground and bodies on the ground,the mohican indians told them they “they stay as they lie”,basically they knew them and didn’t want them to be buried.Last one is Awareness of the past,when nathaniel was with cora and they were looking up into the stars,he was talking about how the stars there’s so many of them and his was thinking about his ancesters.So that was “The Last Of The Mohicans” Now time for another one you need to know.

The next story i’m going to mention is “Dr.Heidegger’s Experiment” which is a dark and eerie feeling to it,i’ll sum up the story for you,so there is a man name Dr.Heidegger who has an a experiment he wants to perform,his house is dark,with some magic books,a skeleton in a closet and,a painting that watches you.So the guests arive,they have been through many trials in there life and are basically wasting away in thin air.So Dr.Heidegger is talking about the foutain of youth,and if you don’t know what that is,let your lit teacher slap you,just kidding.So he pours this water in a glass for his guest,they know about the experiment,so they drink it and they become younger,well feel younger,and sooner or later they get greedy and they think they can do everything,and Dr.Heideggers experiment was complete.The Romanticism period was not only about romantic it was also the time of dark poems,books,you name it,poems were getting more known.The basic characteristics of this are more dark than the last one.Supernatural or macabe is a big facter of this book,why.Well like i said before Dr.Heidegger has alot of weird things in his home,like a book of magic which is a cult book,then he has a skeleton in his closet and,a eye moving painting.Another one you can...

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