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American Schools And Shooting Incidents: The Massacre Of The Sandy Hook Elementary School In 2012

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After the massacre of the Sandy Hook Elementary school, in 2012, a great deal of security measures were taken in American schools and shooting incidents became a disturbing idea for students.
Shooting incidents registered in January 2014 reached 11 in the American schools, while classrooms and campuses lockdowns occur more frequently. It became a daily habit that alerts occur in the different educational institutions.
Mayors Agains Illegal Guns, an organization concerned with gun control advocacy, indicates that shooting incidents registered in 2013 reached 28 in American schools and collages (TheGuardian, 2014).
Since January 20th of this year, a shooting incident or a lockdown has ...view middle of the document...

Such an assumption might be ill advised as it obviously makes a suggestion that these criminals can be identified in advance and need to be hospitalized or incarcerated. A public pressure is indeed present demanding to lower involuntary commitment threshold from imminent dangerousness to potential dangerousness (Reddy, Borum, Berglund, Vossekuil, Fein & Modzelesk, 2001). There are hundreds of people who have mental issues that do not become violent and commit crimes. It was proved that mental health professionals cannot make accurate predictions to violence unless in moments of imminent danger (Robers, Zhang, Truman & Snyder, 2010). People will become reluctant to receive mental health services as a result of those professionals committing to the mere potential of violence. An individual who is suffering a mental health disorder does not necessarily have an increased risk of violence; although, mental health disorders could lead to violent acts, in rare instances.
Whenever such crimes happen, it is often for schools to respond by addressing safety concerns and the emotional needs of their community (Dwyer & Osher, 2000). It is obvious that schools should have procedures of safety security and access (Robers, Zhang, Truman & Snyder, 2010). To keep places like schools and other public places safe, they would be turned into fortresses. No simple solutions are available to stop an armed killer from doing his crime but events that are very rare (Borum, Cornell, Modzeleski & Jimerson, 2010).
Psychological Issues post shooting
These crimes of mass killing constitute a greater problem in the schools of the United States. The untreated mental health disorders of students contribute to academic underachievement, poor graduation rates and aggressive behaviors in classroom (Garbarino, 1999). In addition, it is a result of such an issue that special education in present with its high cost and poor outcome.
Future violent acts might be prevented only if schools pay more attention to addressing the mental health issues of students (Reddy, Borum, Berglund, Vossekuil, Fein & Modzelesk, 2001). The great outcome will be an improved academic performance, an essential cost savings and a reduction in behavioral incidents, particularly in the special education system (Borum, 2000).
We need to comprehensively understand the demographics of metal health disorders in adolescents and children before formulating the suitable role of school in addressing concerns of students mental health. Approximately 18% of adolescents and children, as indicated by research, suffer from a mental health disorder, and about 5% of them suffer of a severe emotional disturbance (Muschert & Sumiala, 2012). Therefore, the possibilities indicate that there is, at least, one student suffering a mental health disorder in every classroom in every school (Lieberman & Sachs, 2008). Only one out of five of those with a mental health disorder will receive a treatment, and this treatment is mostly from...

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