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American Sniper Essay

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Chris Kyle – “American Sniper”
Chris Kyle’s autobiography is a graphic and incredibly written story of Chris’ combat experiences along with his life back at home. AS (American sniper) starts off with Chris’ early childhood and his family. He had one brother and a very strict father. He was born April 8th 1974 in Odessa, Texas. Chris also spent his childhood and adolescence in Odessa with his younger brother, mother, and father. He was brought up on a ranch so he learned the cowboy style of life quick. He did great in high school and he was even enrolled into the national honor society. He soon let his grades drop low enough to get out of it because he stated it was “Too much trouble”.

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During this time he meant Taya his future wife that would give him two children.

Once Chris felt that he was an official seal he got a tattoo of a frog skeleton on his left shoulder. It made him feel like the former frogmen were watching his back and always there for him. On his leave after his second deployment he got a Red Cross tattoo that looked like crosshairs. He stated that if a Taliban ever saw he wanted to show that he was a Christian.

After he got assigned to the team and after all the “hazing” from the group he signed up for SEALs sniper school. On his second deployment he was assigned to a sniper squad to support the marines in the effort to take over Fallujah. Chris and his squad would clear a house a couple blocks up and use it as a sniping spot and cover the marines as they went door to door taking arms, insurgents, etc. This was where his original record breaking shot was recorded. A 1,600 meter shot on a woman approaching a group of marines with a grenade in her hand. Later in Ramadi, he would break that record and achieve a 2,100 meter shot.

Chris ended his SEAL career in 2011. For ten years he was a Navy seal. He ended his career with 160 confirmed kills of 266 claimed. He broke the record twice for longest confirmed kill and broke the record for most confirmed kills. He was so savage on the battlefield that the Taliban put a bounty on him and nicknamed him “Shaitan Ar-Ramadi” (devil of Ramadi). Chris was shot twice and was involved in six separate IED situations. He has an incredible resume’ and was an amazing SEAL and man for his country.

When Chris officially left the navy he end his navy career with a Silver Star ribbon Silver Star Medal (2) Bronze Star Medal (Valor; 5) Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (1) Navy and Marine Corps...

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